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No longer in business


Haiyong Li

Haiyong Li's Data Recovery Service is a computer service company that can help you out if your hard drive is failing, if you accidentally deleted important files, formatted your hard drive by mistake or you need to recover family photos. There is no fee if they don't recover your data, and you only pay when your data is recovered. They offer free consultation, free assessment and free local pickup in town. They also pickup in Sacramento on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Thanks for checking.  We are no longer operating.


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2009-01-09 11:26:22   Do you cover SD camera cards? My camera's went out a while ago, and it forced a format. I know most of the pictures are still hidden in there... —EdWins

Yes, I can recover SD camera cards. A format is not the end of the world as long as you didn't shot more pictures over it. — Haiyong Li

2009-01-09 22:53:59   What filesystems have you worked with? —NickSchmalenberger

I work with Mac (HFS+) PC(fat32, ntfs, or even if you still have a fat16 drive somewhere :)), linux. Actually, for hard drive recovery, often times, file system is secondary especially when the bios is having problem recognize the hard drive at all. — Haiyong Li

2009-04-05 14:01:40   Haiyong recovered the data from my failing external harddrive over the weekend, great service. Can definitely recommend.

Peter —PeterSJ

2009-07-13 12:14:16   He has just fixed my HD and recovered ALL my data. Knowledgeable, reliable, flexible, honest. Really a good service. Recommended! —marco.pritoni

2009-10-23 22:59:59   Do you do the work yourself or is it sent out to a recovery company. Honest question. —Khanh

I do the work myself. Other companies charge a lot more than I do. :) — Haiyong Li

2010-02-07 22:45:34   Haiyong offers a great and affordable local service. My story is rather long, but the important things you need to know are the following: (1) Unless you have thousands of extra dollars to spend on a larger data recovery company, this is the way to go. (2) The communication is great, and Haiyong knows what he is doing. (3) If you live in the Davis area, I would recommend trying this first if you need data recover. If it safe, fair, and simple.

I lost nearly 1TB of data from a large external hard drive that failed on me. Most people who need data recovery aren't dealing with problems of this size, but I can tell you that considering the extent to which I was feeling helpless, getting everything recovered and back in order was relatively quick and inexpensive. Data recovery is very stressful, especially when it involves data that is of sentimental and personal value. He minimized this as much as possible. Overall, Haiyong offers great customer service, I recommend his services to anyone in need of data recovery. —timsilva

Thanks Tim, glad that I can help. Haiyong Li

2010-02-08 00:54:16   I have a hdd that had XP on it, I want one folder that had pictures... it was doing the click of death. Drivesavers said it was no bueno could you take a crack at it? —StevenDaubert

I am not sure how to contact you. Could you please call me at 530.633.7753 or send email to [email protected]? Thanks. Haiyong Li

2010-06-03 22:57:55   Great service! I had a pretty urgent case, needed data recovered from a crashed hard drive about a week before finals. He was able to quickly and completely recover my data, and even charged me less than standard since my case was so straightforward. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks! —JYu

2010-07-07 18:04:06   When you recover the data, does that mean that you can actually fix hard drives that are making the "click" noise, or do you usually just make them work long enough to recover certain sets of data? —ScottMeehleib

I don't try to fix hard drives. I would try different means to access the data on the drive for recovery. IMHO, it is the data that is most critical to people. The hard drive nowadays are at such a reasonable price. Those generally temporarily fix will actually cost more to the user at a long run. — Haiyong Li

2010-07-10 19:20:03   Highly recommended! I had a problem with one of my external hard drives. After attempting to diagnose the problem myself, I called Haiyong Li at 5pm. He listened as I explained the issue with my hard drive, and then proceeded to tell me that he was confident that he could help. An hour later, I dropped off the hard disk with Mr. Li. He gave me a detailed receipt of the service he was going to provide and continued to put my mind at ease about the hard drive. He emailed me the next day with a very positive and informative update and I brought Mr. Li another hard disk for file migration. Mr. Li accepted payment only after all services were rendered.

Mr. Li was 100% professional and efficient. I agree with the other reviewer who mentioned that Haiyong Li minimizes the stress of having a hard drive problem. Mr. Li is as knowledgeable as he is humbly optimistic, and I could not recommend his services enough. If he didn't actually save my Ph.D., he surely helped me maintain my sanity during its final phase.

Again, I highly recommend Haiyong Li's Data Recovery Service! —Patrick

Thanks Patrick. Really appreciate your kind words. I am glad that I was able to help.— Haiyong Li

2010-08-05 21:15:30   Haiyong Li did a fantastic job recovering data from my external hard drive after it became corrupted. The data was priceless - family photos, work files, etc. I took it to another good repair business, but they didn't have the tools to tackle this problem. The next step was a place in Sacramento or Maxtor-Seagate - both would charge exorbitant amounts that I couldn't afford. Haiyong kept me in the loop as he tried different approaches, letting me know the risks and results at each step. He masterfully found ways to magically salvage the "lost" data. We're extremely grateful for his work and highly recommend him for data recovery at very reasonable rates you won't find elsewhere by such a competent person. - Ron Unger —rung

2010-10-18 23:10:41   Wow, you even have a Jaz drive! I just told my old boss to send you some business. :) —NickSchmalenberger

2010-10-22 09:06:32   Haiyong Li's Data Recovery service is excellent. He was able to recover all of my data from a cheap thumb drive that just stopped working. The recovered files were in original condition with no corruption or data long. He complete the diagnosis and recovery in less than 24 hours. I highly recommend him for any data loss problems. Pete Jacobs, Davis, CA 10/22/2010 —PeteJacobs

2010-11-16 12:29:53   Haiyong did a fantastic job recovering about 1500 missing images from my compact flash cards. I never did figure out what went wrong with the cards, but he got me the data back in about 3 hours, for a nominal price. I highly recommend Haiyong Li's Data Recovery Service. —EliasMarvinney

2011-02-24 03:00:42   I have referred clients to Haiyong over the last year or two, and every client is very pleased with his work. He is extremely skilled at data recovery, and it is wonderful to have such a great resource here in Davis. Jamie, Computer Doctor —JamesMorton

2011-06-04 15:40:24   My wife was crushed when her ancient 80gb external drive crashed. I hit up daviswiki.org to see what our options were for a recovery. The feedback here persuaded us to contact him. We were delighted with his service and our restored files. While I hope to never need his services again I can and do recommend him without reservation. Thanks for your help Haiyong. —GregYen

2011-06-08 22:57:49   Very capable. After my laptop crashed, our IT service department at UC Davis was unable to recover the files from the HDD and SSD. Li Haiyong was able to recover the data from the HDD and ordered an extra ZIF connector to get the data from the solid state drive too. The service is very reasonably priced. He is friendly, quick, and reliable. I highly recommend his service. —bcschipper

2011-08-23 07:25:19   I can't say enough about what excellent service Haiyong has provided us with. One of our hard drives failed taking along with it a huge swath of pictures of our son as a toddler. Haiyong was reassuring, honest, thorough, flexible, patient and a pleasure to work with and he definitely went the extra mile as we had a particularly challenging case. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing data recovery service. - Debbie —davisdebbie

2011-12-02 15:58:13   I was extremely impressed with Haiyong's professionalism, punctuality, skill, honesty and overall service. We all know how expensive data recovery can be (as it is so time consuming). He at first quoted me a level 2 retrieval and later emailed to say the good news is that I have discovered I can do a level 1. It was half the price. He met me at my convenience as to where and when to pick up my computer and drop off the data. He was responsive and easy to reach by phone and email. He went the extra mile and immediately recovered a final paper that was due that day and emailed it to me. He sent me another file I needed the next day. Really exceptional! —SusanJaneArevalo

2012-01-11 12:42:18   Haiyong provides an excellent service. He recovered a large amount of data from a harddrive that I thought was totally wrecked. —DavidDallas

2012-03-07 19:58:01   Haiyong recovered all data on my corrupt HD around a month ago, and even formatted an external wireless drive to put the files on. He does a great job and is very helpful. Excellent Job! —MG

2012-04-22 18:41:38   My external hard drive recently crashed, so I found Haiyong's service via Davis Wiki. I wasn't entirely familiar with the process of data recovery, but Haiyong did an excellent job of explaining what needed to be done and at what price. His service is quick and professional and I would highly recommend it to anybody who doesn't want to tear open their drive first. —DanielNgo

2012-07-11 11:39:54   A while back I ended up accidentally formatting one of my external hard drives. I found Haiyong's services through DavisWiki, and after contacting him and having him pick up my hard drive, he was able to recover all of the data I needed back, with file names intact. Excellent service, definitely recommend! —RichardTruong

2012-08-14 18:40:28   Just adding another success story. He salvaged all the data in my external hard drive within 4 days at a reasonable price. Exceptionally happy with his great service. —ShinAePark

Hiayong Li was amazing. He was able to recover my HDD when Driversavers said it was unrecoverable. He also did it at fraction of the cost that they wanted and was very helpful from start to finish. I would highly recommend him for any and all data recovery needs! Daubert

2013-05-25 07:51:53   Haiyong's service is good and exactly as advertised. —JonBrockway

2013-06-28 18:19:44   After using 2 other data recovery services in the Davis area and being told the data could not be recovered or the hard drive needed to be "Mailed in" to specialists, I returned the drive to Haiyong. Haiyong thoroughly analyzed the drive for a second time and found it was in worse shape than it previously had been. He kept me apprised of all progress made via email which I found very reassuring. I especially needed some important Outlook PST files which Haiyong was unable to locate initially. After letting him know about those, he put in the extra effort and was able to find the files. I am completely satisfied with both the service and the reasonable pricing and would recommend Haiyong's service to anyone! —JonBrockway

2014-04-21 02:14:32   Haiyong is a very nice guy with an excellent attitude. He has great customer service skills and is very patient and understanding. He repaired my damaged external hard drive and recovered several hundred GB of priceless family memories that I feared I had lost forever. He thoroughly explained the necessary steps and informed me honestly about the costs, risks, and probability of data recovery. In order to perform the repairs, Haiyong asked me to replace the PCB circuit board. However, he compensated me for the cost of the spare parts and the shipping! Most impressively, he did not collect payment until he successfully carried out the repairs! I would highly recommend Haiyong to anyone who needs to recover data! He is great at what he does and just a good dude overall! —PaymanAlemi