This is a weekly radio public affairs show on KDVS, hosted by France Kassing (née France Senecal).

It airs every Monday morning from 8:30am to 9:30am. The show usually follows an interview format each week (although not always). France does quite a lot of research for each show, and if her guest has written a book that is discussed on the show, she's almost always read the whole book before hand (which may seem like only common courtesy, but you would be surprised how often this isn't the case in the world of mainstream radio). The show does have a fairly liberal bent to it, but France works hard to be acurate and to have well thought-out commentary. The show is well known for high caliber guests that France is able to get for the show; former guests include the likes of Howard Zinn and Larry Lessig.

The show has a (seldom updated) blog and a podcast linked to from the blog. The blog mainly acts as a summary of each week's show for those who want to grab the archive.


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As the initial creator of this page, I should disclaim that I'm not exactly an impartial party here. I volunteer as an engineer for the show (mainly filling out logs and such). I do however honestly think that the show is quite remarkably good (hence part of the reason why I stay volunteering when I don't plan to have my own show). - EricKlein