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Name: Kenneth Michael McCanless

Hometown: Ferndale, CA

Phone Number: (530) PMP-JUCE

Office: former UCD RA/local personality

Personality: He's ... Kenny

Status: Taken (sorry)

If you were a student at UC Davis in the past 6 years, chances are you'll have either seen or met Kenny McCanless somewhere, be it in a class, on the Quad wearing nothing except cupid wings and a loincloth, on a jog in his red shorts, or seeing someone else on the streets say hello to him. While not as celebrated or infamous as Rob Roy or as uniquely conspicuous as Barnabas Truman, Mr. McCanless certainly qualifies as one of the most popularly known people in the local community. Walking with him on campus means having roughly 4 out of 10 people come up to salute him, another 4 who he can name in the crowd, and another 4 who greet him but he can't name them right away. (And yes, that adds up to 12, not 10, but does a legendary figure not deserve some iota of romanticization? Can Paul Bunyan not cross Minnesota in three bounds? Did Al Gore not invent the Internet?)

An unparalleled combination of magnetic gregariousness, effortless charm, well-meaning mischief, passionate curiousity, compassionate introspection, and a propensity to be shirtless, Kenny is really more than a bunch of adjectives and is just a genuinely super nice guy. A few bumbling paragraphs on DavisWiki really does not do the man justice, and the truth is, if you've met Kenny, well, you'll feel like you've always known him, and he's always known you. Guys will want him to be their best man when The Big Day comes, and gals will want him to be their stripper when the bachelorette party comes. Dudes trust him with their women, and ladies trust him to look out for their boys. Everyone looks to him for an impromptu Pimp Juice and BBQ party. Consider yourself blessed if you know him.

Share your times and experiences with Kenny here. We're certain you'll have many. As the man himself often says in such a simple, perfect word, "Peace."

Kind words and timeless stories about Kenny:

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2005-09-04 00:29:48   I just remember he was my group's dude during '02 summer advising. He was my first... well, the first Actual UC Davis student I'd ever met. :-D —CindySperry

2005-09-05 00:18:43   He once walked into a crowded party wearing MY cape. AND NOTHING ELSE. Arg. Other than that he's a swell guy though. —BarnabasTruman