Resident Advisors, or RAs, are undergraduate students employed by Student Housing. They live in the residence halls and help students resolve problems, answer questions and enforce Student Housing policies. In exchange for doing their said jobs, RAs are given free housing in their residence hall area, as well as a meal plan and priority registration. While Freshmen may find them as an annoyance, they are just trying to do their jobs. The best way to stay out of trouble is to not be stupid and do things like drink in front of RAs, lie to them, smoke pot in front of them or make too much noise. While the large majority of RAs are reasonable people, some of them take their jobs way too seriously.

RA's will usually warn their residents the first week before school of any misconduct they might create, but usually following this honeymoon period they will issue documentations without prior warning.

If you are interested in becoming an RA, Student Housing accepts applications near the end of Fall Quarter, they require a letter of recommendation from an RA so learn to suck up if you want a good recommendation.

RA's are one of several types of student resident employees on campus.

Notable RAs


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2005-10-07 10:02:12   Regan has some pretty hard nosed RA's this quarter... —CarlosOverstreet