These are reviews of Little Prague from 2007. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2007-2-17 13:28:20   It's almost like a bunch of assholes got together and said "hey...let's open a bar." The bartenders are poorly trained and clueless. The owner is unbelievably rude to customers and employees alike and surprisingly public about it. It's no small wonder why there's been a "Help Wanted" sign in their window for almost a year! However, their desserts are good and this is how I sometimes end up here. —BriannaBetancourt

2007-03-26 10:56:44   The service here is terrible. It is a nice place to have a drink, but lately there have been fewer and fewer people patronizing this place and I can see why. The owner is an asshole, and is notorious for underpaying his employees, which would probably explain why they all seem miserable to be working there. Also, they have been out of Hennessey for at least a month now, despite numerous requests to order more. Overall, a nice place to drink it you dont have to make any contact with the staff. I rate this place an 8 out of 10 for atmosphere and a 2 out of 10 for service. —MikeJones

2007-03-30 11:53:28   Changing my comment. This is one of the best bars to go to in Davis. The inside area is a good size and the patio is great. Never feels to stuffy or crowded in here, unlike Soga's. Went here for dinner once but the menu was expensive. They have a "pink night" on Thursdays, which is nice. The Bouncer is one of the nicer ones in Davis, doesn't have an ego trip and treats customers with respect. I'd recommend having a drink here.. but WARNING do not smoke on the patio or else you will be yelled at and shooed out. —MissBelomy

2007-04-01 22:42:09   A friend of mine recommended this place so my boyfriend and I went there last night to get a drink after work. We walked up to two guys standing near the entrance and assumed they were checking IDs so we got our IDs out and stood there holding our IDs for a minute or two. One guy, who I am pretty sure is the owner, looks at us then looks back at the other man with a ponytail and they continue talking and ignore us. So we assumed maybe they check IDs at the bar and slowly started walking inside. The man I believe to be the owner tries to grab at my boyfriend and yells, "Get back here it's not that f***ing easy to get inside!" He then looks at our IDs and lets us in. Needless to say we walked right back out and WILL NOT go back, ever. —CorinneEpley

2007-04-05 15:35:32   I boycotted Little Prague for a couple years after a rude and unnecessary interaction and then was persuaded to go back after they opened the bar and started hosting Pink Night on Thursdays. I figured that if they've gone 'Gay-Friendly,' maybe they've decided to adopt 'Friendly' as a general business practice. Alas, it only took a few visits for the bartenders to overcharge my table and provoke a shouting match with the owner. He conceded no responsibility whatsoever. So, back to the boycott. —matty_s

2007-04-06 20:42:34   Had a horrible experience there. I bought a beer for my friend at happy hour, and the owner came and took the beers from us claiming that I couldn't buy two at a time. I got them just before happy hour ended (at 5:24 since he purposely puts his clock fast, happy hour ends at 5:30). Who cares if I buy my friend a beer? You don't just take somebody's beer that they have paid for right in front of their noses. I have suffered insults in the past at this place, and consider myself pretty easy going, but I wont be going back. —MichaelNicholas

2007-04-07 02:40:13   I'd like to give my own little "fuck you" to LP. I admit it, I totally stiffed them (the czech lady bartender) on a tip once. It was absolutely my fault. I came back a couple of weeks later with the same friend (to the bar), and couldn't get served. A guy came up to begin taking my order, and got pulled aside to not serve us. Okay, my fault, yes. But so tacky and bitchy. —CaptainRush

Drinking Absinthe purchased in the U.S. is as pointless as drinking non-alcoholic Beer. It contains none of the inhereint properties that have made this potent beverage famous. It will get you drunk but the "body-high" obtained by drinking the real stuff is absent. The petite wormwood found in US sold absinthe has no effect upon the body. As a side note while wormwood is banned in the US there is no criminal charge for having it. So one can order real Absinthe over the internet (I recommend French or Czech brands,) and have it shipped here. From what I understand if it is found by authorities its confiscated but no legal proceedings follow. So order a real bottle and have a little pre-party, be careful its potent but fun. jarrettnoble

2007-04-13 14:26:30   the owner is a (**fill in expletive here). I will never support this business again. We live in a world where our dollar is our vote and though he has one of a few bars in davis, i think the way he treats his customers is appalling. I urge others to boycott this place. let's get a cool bar in town, who's owner didn't learn his manners from a troubled thirteen year old —DavisClimber

2007-04-13 15:38:40   Agreed. I used to think his behavior was a cultural thing, but after last night I'm convinced he's actually insane. After a fight broke out in the bar, instead of kicking out the people fighting, he proceeded to kick out the ENTIRE BAR in shocking fashion, waving around a large maglight, almost hitting people with it, pushing customers around, and screaming red-faced like a crazed luncatic. It was a surreal sight, just absolutely looney-tunes. What kind of business owner closes down his bar at 11:30 on the busiest night of the week? From now on I'll spend my money at Sophia's. The owner there is very affable and gracious and knows exactly how to run a business. —BB

2007-04-14 11:31:51   After reading these reviews I think we will start going for dessert as many times as possible until we get to see one of the many famous blow-ups by the owner...Cake and a show, deal schmeel that's a bargain!!! —rpatte

2007-05-02 20:34:26   The food here was on the heavy side, but it was quite tasty. My partner had the vegetarian casserole, which sounded as though it would be very good (potatoes, tomatoes, creamed spinach, and mushrooms, in an Italian spiced egg casserole—oven baked until a browned cheese crust forms), but in fact was sort of boring. I think it's like going to a fish restaurant and ordering steak — it's just not going to be that good! So, this is perhaps not the place for vegetarian food, although there is a nightly vegetarian special that I can't vouch for. Anyway, I had the beef goulash with czech dumplings, which was just wonderfully hearty and tasty. My friend reported the same about her beef stroganoff, although she was surprised that it came with rice rather than noodles. The restaurant offers an amazing array of tempting desserts. We had the chocolate éclair, which I would get again, except that will be hard when there are so many other tempting things to try... —CovertProfessor

2007-05-23 14:25:25   Fuck this place. I decided to give it a second chance on Friday and was reminded of why I stopped coming here in the first place. Drinks were weak, we were ignored for about 15 minutes, and most importantly >>> NO HOT GIRLS, at all...not even decent looking women. In fact, the ratio of men to women was about 10:1, SAD SAD SAD. If this place doesnt start treating its patron better, they are going to lose their business, as they did mine. I will be going to Sogas from now on. —MikeJones

2007-05-23 17:29:17   Not the best service, judging from comments here that seems to be common. However, the food is most excellent, and they have a decent selection of Teas. It seems important to note that many of the complaints seem to be from bar patrons, I dunno why, maybe it is a bad place as a bar. Personally I am a bit biased as I like the food, and wasn't paying. —DavidPoole

2007-05-30 18:28:22   Check out For Brooks and Kristen's take on Little Prague as well as two other dining experiences —BrooksHayes

2007-06-13 13:57:29   The owner is an elitest jerk. He treats his staff like hell and is rude to anyone he thinks he can take advantage of. I really like the chairs and the ambiance and the beer selection, but I avoid going there before of him. Go to Sophia's where the owner is a nice, kind, cool person. —AmyGoogenspa

2007-07-01 02:40:34   So I'll be fair. Little Prague is the best bar in Davis based on property. No other bar can have latino/techo dance in one area and a live band in another, while still maintaining an ourdoor patio where people can (for the most part) talk easily. However, what is with their business of not giving out tap water? Can someone please amend this article as to a reason WHY? To illustrate customer care: I haven't seen their men's room with paper towels in months and they disconnect the hot water to the bathrooms (speculative ->) just to be cheap. As far as atmosphere, Little Prague is right up there with Sophia's, but service at Sophia's is still better. —MichaelAWoods

  • Is it just the bar where they won't give you tap water? When I've gone there for dinner, I've gotten tap water which the waitstaff refilled without my needing to ask. —CovertProfessor
    • Yes, it is just at the bar. For those who drink and would like a glass or two of water before leaving the bar, it is a sad occasion. However, the last time I was there, I believe the bartenders gave glasses of water. —MichaelAWoods
    • I'm so very offended by the bottled water policy. They even have a poster explaining that they don't give out tap water at the bar. It's just to squeeze out some extra pennies but a. it encourages drinking and b. bottled water is just more waste for the environment. I know bars that serve fried food and beer aren't exactly know for their health policies, but I have a hard with a bar with so much contempt for my health.

2007-07-05 14:42:48   This place is alright, but not great. Sometimes I get drinks and I wonder if there is alcohol in them. I also tip more than any of these poor ass college students that hang out here, and the bartenders still are slow and make weak drinks even though they know me now. THE FACT THAT THIS PLACE EVER HAS A COVER just pisses me off. Maybe the bars here will realize that you shouldn't charge a fee to spend more money. Especially for a crap-ass DJ. Despite the fact that they know me they never hook me up with free drinks or anything. Hopefully the bartenders and owners will realize that the more free drinks they give out to paying customers, the more those paying customers will spend in the end. You don't make money by being anal about charging $7 for every crappy drink. You do make more money by hooking up the regulars, getting them to drink more than would paying full price for everything. Just ONE in the last TWO YEARS might be nice... —UncleBob

2007-07-15 15:40:06   The owner was rude as hell to me and 5 of my friends last night for no reason, I guess he doesn't recognize me even though I go here a lot. Everyone else here is always nice, but that guy was a total prick. Screw that guy. Their DJ blows too. It's never worth it when there is a cover. —GarrettGallegos

2007-07-15 16:40:21   I've been there for a few times. At the beginning, I think this is a nice place to for drink beer, relax and talk with friends. However, after I experience extremely rude behaviour of the owner, I have to confess that I no longer want to go to this place anymore. The owner just has no patient and ready to be angry anytime with any customer. He is so obnoxious. I will never go back to this place. —ssppdd

2007-07-16 12:56:36   great atmosphere, authentic food, generally good drinks, sometimes good music. It is not worth going if there is a cover (which is generally put in place after 11pm), but when there is no cover, it is the best "chillin" bar in Davis. If you are not the "chillin" type, and prefer a rowdier bar adventure with your bros, then this is not the place for you. The owner is a very up-tight fellow, and I have heard him say that he likes patrons who are well-dressed, whatever that may mean. Oh, and there is only one restroom for each gender, and on busy nights, those lines get very, very long. The bouncers are much nicer then at the other bars in Davis.

For a dinner/ dining deal, this is a very nice, special occasion type place. I had a potato dish the last time I ate there, and it was light, creamy, well spiced, and unexpected. —JillBenciWoodward

2007-08-01 10:21:37   All I can say about this place is the owner is an ASSHOLE. It would be a nice place to enjoy a drink if it weren't for the owner always lurking around the bar looking like a complete douche bag. The tools-boxes that bar tend at this place make weak drinks and tend to lag when it comes to heloing patrons at the bar. I once ordered several shots of patron and gave the bartender a generous tip, only to be ingnored the next time I tried to order a drink. Oh and pink night, that shit has got to go. How about hot chicks get in for free night?? I think that would be much better. Oh, and dont expect to be served if you are tired and your eyes are slightly red....I was refused a drink by the blonde with huge bombs because she said my eyes were red. Well, I was actually just tired and had just finished smoking a fat ass joint, but after xplaining this to her she still refused to serve me. —Furly707

2007-08-13 01:07:26   WTF they won't server water in a glass at the bar you have to buy bottled water for $1. I feel like it is a rip off. —notyou

2007-08-26 15:44:16   After 3 years of exiling my ex's to little prague, citing that it was the only place I would never frequent - I now think its GREAT. The owner (V) has ALWAYS treated my partner and I with respect and I actually find him quite charming perhaps specifically because of the older european man air that some (below) perceive as arrogant. We've been streamlined through the line at front when they're carding and this is the only bar where bouncer's don't think a passport is subordinate to a driver's license. This is also the only bar where bechelrovka is always readily available which is a huge plus. And when the Bechelrovia is on ocassional shortage, V has always suggestd other equally bitter/tart alternatives - at least once with the first one comp'ed. The current line up of bartenders are nice, friendly, and sociable, although I admit its not always been like that in the past. And hey, where else can you get any international sport aired that you want? Without LP we wouldn't be so privy to the fascinating sport of "hurling". I like a guy who runs his bar with the kahunas to not cater to an obnoxious barely drinking-legal crowd. LP adds bit of spice to a town with an otherwise benign bar scene, even if only for the unpredictability. Its only remaining downfall for me is that the crowds usually suck on a friday or saturday night. —HillaryThomas

2007-09-10 09:58:26   May I just say that I haven't been here, but as an owner, you should be professional at all times. Cussing people out isn't exactly professional. I'M JUST SAYING. Aaaand I heard that there's lots of gay boys on Thursday nites? Anyone like to enlighten me on the goings on? LOL —joeistheish

2007-09-28 01:59:45   I dont want to comment about food since i have been there a few years ago and I had stomach problems for 2 days and after that I decided not to go there for food (no need to mention about the high prices). I am just here to complain about the rude owner. I have always been feeling sorry about the owner. I have been joking around with my friends and I happened to kick he bathroom door with my foot (I shouldnt have done but I did). And just at the same minute the owner is next to me and doing his job about being rude. Instead of telling me nicely what I was done was wrong, he started talking rude and in a few seconds swearing. After a few sentences, what he said exactly was "GET THE F..K OUT OF HERE". I have to mention that I was not drunk, didnt even drink one single sip of alcohol that night.What kind of an owner would do that. And his rudeness went on and on. I had to leave the place with my friends. He doesnt know anything about business. What kind of an owner would check out IDs at the entrance?? And I have to mention about the smell inside. It always stinks inside, heavy oil. He can use the money he is charging at the entrance to solve that problem! —ce19cl

2007-10-19 13:24:19   To all those people that complain about spending money at bars...are you serious? If you went to the City and asked for water at a bar you would be charged at least $3 for water because they do no give out tap, but bottled. The same goes for Sacramento bars. I do not know much about the food, but the bartenders that serve me always did so in a timely manner and if they were busy then I act like and adult and I wait until it is my turn. I just feel that those people that always think "the customer is always right" has never worked in the restaurant business and if the owner is rude to you maybe you deserved it. —hapa21

Every bar I've asked for water from in SF has given it to me from the tap for free. —PhilipNeustrom

My experience is the same as Philip's. — Rocksanddirt

2007-10-19 13:40:42   I love Little Prague and have never had a problem with the owner. I say my "pleases" and "thank yous" in maybe that is why. I like that there is a dress code because it means that there is at least one bar in Davis where I can grab a drink and not see morons shouting about "The Hills". Also, the woman who works the bar during happy hours (the owner's wife?) is absolutely sweet and makes strong gin and tonics. Yeah, I've seen the owner blow up, but I feel that the prices are reasonable and worth it for the atmosphere. —JillWeinstein

2007-10-27 11:03:56   I haven't had any foul experiences with the owner, but had a TERRIBLE run-in with one of the female bartenders there recently. I have NEVER been been treated so rudely by a bartender in my life. Having lived in large cities such as Washington, DC, New York, and San Francisco and frequenting many types of bars in those vicinities, I am used to bartenders feeling rushed and possessing very brisk & gruff attitudes. However, they are still usually able to sufficiently answer my questions and incorporate common courtesies (eye contact, "thank you"'s, smiles, etc.) into the exchanges. Why a bartender in a lame little town like Davis feels that she can belittle customers and act like a shrew for absolutely no reason (it was 9 o'clock in the evening when I was there, so they were NOT AT ALL busy) is a mystery to me! Needless to say my friends and I refused to tip this beast and I do not plan on ever coming back. Hopefully if the employees at this crap-hole continue treating their customers in this manner, the place will close down sooner rather than later. Congrats to LP for losing yet another group of alcohol-loving customers. Keep it up! —gbird

2007-10-27 12:47:41   I had a similar experience to gbird's. I found the service to be very unfriendly and don't think I"ll be coming back any time soon. The guy at the door was hella' cool though. —SuperGiblet

2007-10-27 23:13:40   We ate here about a year ago in the spring, on a Sunday. They had live Violin music which was nice (but people would clap after every single song, which got a little annoying. I think you're just supposed to give a tip in the musicians jar when you leave.) The food is a little bland and we never got our water refilled. We haven't been back. I think this is a place that you'll either love and frequent, or will feel uncomfortable like we did and not come back. —HeatherBeck

2007-11-08 18:55:50   I won't comment on the owner, but I love the comfort of the bar. It has the best bar ambiance in my opinion. Drinks have been hit or miss in the past 2 years. I like their lastest female bartender. From the wiki comments, I decided to try the princess cake. It was all that they say it is. So yummy. Even my boyfriend and my girlfriend's fiancee loved it! —lemurific

2007-11-11 00:59:11   The owner is certifiable and the place is completely unsanitary. The food is greasy and overpriced with rude bartenders and cakes made from a mix.


  • I find it very hard to believe that their multilayered dome cake consisting of 3 layers: sponge cake, bavarian creme, and marzipan, is made from a box. Perhaps the sponge cake portion is, but how could the rest? —lemurific

2007-11-11 14:23:33   To the owners of Little Prague: Based on the useful and instructive criticisms from other reviewers above, I've created a handy list of things you should do to improve your business:

1. You should provide free drinks to everyone, or at least to really cool people who frequent your place like "UncleBob." 2. When people kick in your bathroom door, you should thank them nicely, maybe even comp their dinner and drinks. 3. Consider hiring some of the dancers from Gold Club Centerfolds in Sac to hang out in your bar. This will increase the number of hot chicks. Bonus points if the dancers are horny and single. 4. You should allow people to smoke whenever and wherever they want. 5. Stop asking for IDs at the bar. Nobody in a college town would ever go drinking under age 21. 6. Lower all of your prices by at least half.

These things should help make your business more profitable, and your customers happier, since after all, we know better and should be your #1 concern. Cheers! —jwe

  • No one ever complained about them charging money for drinks, maybe you are refering to tap water. Yes i think they should do what every other reputable (and non-reputable for that matter) bar in the US does and give free tap water to PAYING customers. In fact on many nights DDs have to pay to get in. So everyone there is a paying customer on those nights.
    • You didn't read UncleBob's comment above: "Despite the fact that they know me they never hook me up with free drinks or anything." —CovertProfessor
    • He wasn't complaining about them charging money for drinks, he was complaining that they short pore and do not give regular customers drinks on the house when they have to pay a cover everytime to get in the door. This quote is taken completely out of context. This statement was not the main point of his post. He just thaught it is good business practice to reward regular customers who treat the staff well. —MattHh

2007-11-16 09:22:59   The owner is a douchebag and thinks he's tight because he used to play hoops on Europe. Well, I have played hoops with him many times and he is just as much of an asshole on the basketball court as he is in his restuarant/bar (also doesnt play any defense). So for those of you who think he is just an asshole because he has to deal with drunk college kids, guess again, he is actually an asshole ALL THE TIME. It is only a matter of time before this establishment goes out of business. - Jeremiah —Furly707

2007-11-19 15:42:43   Rumor has it that for years scientists from the former Soviet Union have secrectly been meeting with US scientists designing and creating a genetically superior super-dick restraunt owner, a new kind of uber a-hole, unmatched in his ability to piss people off, lose customers, and pretty much stand for all that is wrong in the restaurant and bar business. It seems as if they have finally suceeded, and planted this person in Davis. It almost makes one want to go and see with their own two eyes this completely-perfect super-tool. Don't. Just keep walking, pretend you never had the thought. I have never even been to the bar, but after regularly spending more than a few bucks at the restaurant, and being mistreated and insulted on more than one occassion, I vowed never to go back. I used to think I was alone and maybe overreacting a bit, turns out that isn't the case. LP is a waste of time and money. —Arnie