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  • Eric Friedman - Locked 2007-11-25. Unlocked 2008.03.17. That should certainly be long enough.

All the IPs in the banned list were removed on 2008-04-01. I'm assuming that they are all no longer sources of misery. The list was:

(Interesting little bug - at least one needs to be in there. I left the first)

I'm leaving Computer Repair locked until the people involved calm down, so at the very least another day from 2009-07-29. Right now, it's a focal point for dispute, and there's an edge of combativeness that doesn't need to be stoked by unlocking it, IMO. It's not an entry that needs to be edited on an urgent basis on any given day. -jw

Unlocked 2009-08-03 -jw

In trying to lock out DavidBaron, the following IPs have been banned: was banned to block whoever is editing Smack Jupiter