This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


902 Hemenway St., Winters, CA
(530) 219.7900
(866) 421.1108
Jack Young GPPA, CPA

Jack Young GPPA, CPA was the auctioneer behind Maximum Benefit Auctions. As a benefit auction specialist, he understands the nature of non-profits and values your organization’s commitment and goals. Jack Young has decades of experience with charity organizations that provides an invaluable perspective that makes him an effective and insightful benefit auction consultant — Jack brings your organization innovative ideas and procedures that raise money and help your event run smoothly from pre-planning to auction night pick-up.

During the event, Jack’s energetic, clear and entertaining bid-calling complemented the time-tested auction plan he helps your organization implement — resulting in maximum fun and maximum benefit for everyone.

Jack also runs Norcal Valuation out of the same office.


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2008-04-07 15:53:15   Jack and his staff have helped with our school's auction for several years. Always professional, fun, and working towards YOUR goals. In addition to items you've developed, they can arrange for fancy trips and whatnot (not as much $ to your group in those, but sometimes they help losen the attendee's wallets (imo). —RocksandDirt