What is it?
Winter Tahoe Charter Bus System
UC Davis Pickup Site
Previously at The ARC, but now the nearest pickup is at UC Berkeley
$42 round trip bus fare (skiing expenses extra)
Payment Methods
Visa, Mastercard

NAC Ski is a winter charter bus running people from NorCal (specifically, the Bay Area) to the wonders of Tahoe. The NAC Ski charter bus system caters to all snowsport people and frequents various resorts throughout the season. Trips are on Saturdays and Sundays, with the departure and return date the exact same day. Why Do NAC Ski?

  • No need to find parking
  • Unlimited space for all your gear
  • Sleep during the ride
  • No need to wash harmful salt crusts from your car
  • No need to get cold and dirty putting on chains
  • No need to find a ride
  • No need to fear rising gas prices
  • Discounted lift tickets for ALL resorts!
  • Central start and finish location at resort provides structure and fun!

Of course there are many more reasons that can't be listed; NAC Ski has a Frequent Rider program that gives you credit for each trip! Just fill out the post-trip survey and you'll get a $3 credit to your account, good for future trips. In addition, NacSki allows you to purchase rental vouchers and other resort amenities on their website so you're good to go! This is the first year NAC Ski has stopped in Davis; many people were requesting a shuttle that could bring them to Tahoe and back without the hassles of going back to the Bay Area.

Bus trips are 99% always $42 round trip; if you wish to add on a lift ticket and rental, you can do so on the "Book Trip" section of the website. Go to the website and read up on all the information available, including the FAQ and disclaimer. Click on the link above to register; all the information you input will help the Tour Lead plan the trips accordingly and contact you in case of an emergency.

For all you Davis people that reside in the Bay Area: NAC Ski originates from the Bay Area. What does that mean? If you wish to go from Davis to your home in the Bay Area, just stay on the NAC Ski bus! Thats right, you can ride the bus all the way back home and arrive no later than 10PM the same day as your Tahoe trip! Keep in mind, the bus stops at designated places and is specific for each individual trip. Should you do this, be prepared to get PICKED UP at the site you decide to drop off at. NAC Ski will not provide you a ride back up to Davis the following day nor will they bring you to any location other than that is listed as a designated dropoff point. Do not bring loads of luggage onto the bus in preparation of going home; the tour lead will stop you if he or she deems what you put on the bus as excessive (In another words, don't abuse this perk). You must be present when placing your belongings in the storage container; NAC Ski is nor responsible for lost items.


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