Natalie Cortez & The Ultra Violets a.k.a Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets a.k.a The Ultraviolets a.k.a. The Ultra Violets were:

  • Natalie Cortez (lead vocals)
  • Steve Randall (guitar)
  • Steve Nicholson (bass, vocals)
  • Jimmy Brasier (drums)

This now-defunct Davis band won 4 Sacramento Area Music Awards (SAMMIES) from 1996 to 1999 in the Folk category.

On August 16, 1999, The Davis Enterprise reported that the band was going on hiatus to rest and to work on a 4th album, which apparently did not pan out.1 The Ultra Violets returned in early 2001 to play at a few Sacramento venues and revisited The Palms in October. The band then went on indefinite hiatus, now living on as name-droppings in Sacramento News & Review.

Early member Stacey Sheston (bass) is now part of The Essentials. Greg "Grub Dog" Mitchell moved to Austin, TX and is part of several bands. The two Steves are in a band with Steve Bryant and Steve Edberg called The Universal Steve.

The band's website no longer exists but archives are available at The domain expired in late 2004/early 2005.


The following information is taken from the CD liner notes and archived website.

The Ultra Violets (1995)

Released on Raising Bobo Records (RSB 001). Features Eric Stitt on drums and Stacey Sheston on bass and backing vocals. Guest musicians include Melissa Olsen (piano), Greg "Grub" Mitchell (vocals), and Dave Theno (vocals).

  1. Long Time Ago

  2. Flower Petals

  3. Fruitful Harvest

  4. What She Said

  5. Silence of Your Fears

  6. Without You

  7. Only Lonely Thing

  8. Remember Me

  9. Temporary Song

  10. Lena Says

All songs written by Natalie Cortez except #2, #10 co-written with Steve Randall.

Twitch! (1996)

Released on Raising Bobo Records (RSB 002). Features Dave Theno on bass and Grub Dog on drums. Guest musicians include: Melissa Olsen (organ, vocals), Stacey Sheston (percussion), David Houston (guitar, "strange sounds").

  1. Ghost Of You

  2. Everytime

  3. I Ask

  4. In the Nude

  5. Dave's Song

  6. Three Times

  7. The Dog

  8. Up All Night

  9. Joey

  10. Tumble Me

All songs written by Natalie Cortez except #4 by G. Mitchell and #7 by B. Bellamy, J. MacKinnon.

10 Who Dared! Live at the Palms (1998)

Recorded on January 29, 1998 at the old Palms Playhouse and released on Raising Bobo Records (RSB 004). Guest musicians include: David Houston (12-string, e-bow), Grub Dog (drums, vocals), Melissa Olsen (piano, keyboards, organ, vocals), and Eric Stitt (percussion).

  1. Intro

  2. Close My Eyes

  3. Asphalt

  4. Dreamtime

  5. Looking for a Light

  6. Happy

  7. Only Lonely Thing

  8. New Year

  9. You Talk

  10. Only a Friend

  11. Bigger than Elvis

  12. Joey

  13. Long Time Ago

  14. What She Said

  15. Fruitful Harvest

  16. Without You

All songs written by Natalie Cortez except #3, #6, #11 written by Rick Thornton.

The Freeman Sessions: Stupid Bad or Stupid Fresh? (1999?)

A limited-edition EP sold at shows and on their website. Only 100 were printed.

  1. Take You Home

  2. She's Better

  3. You Dear

  4. Looking for a Light

  5. I'm Sorry

  6. Won't Be Boring

Steve Nicholson writes: The official title of the CD is The Freeman Sessions: Stupid Fresh or Stupid Bad?. Or something like that. One is the title and the other is the sub-title. It was a fun CD to record. We did five of the songs in two weekends at Greg Freeman's Tiny Telephone studio in San Francisco. The sixth was recorded at Enharmonic Studios as part of a Kevin Seconds tribute CD. It's too bad we never got to record that fourth album, but you know how it goes with bands sometimes.


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2009-12-20 01:23:42   I'm listening to their CD now. I miss that band. —m610


1. Meyers, David. Local band to go on performing hiatus. The Davis Enterprise. 1999-08-16