Planet Eco Wash behind Circle K off Lake in West Davis
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Planet Dog Wash is a self-service coin-operated pet wash station in addition to the regular car wash at Planet Wash. This pet wash is fully automatic and gives owners a variety of options for their pets. There is a stainless steel bathtub with a rubber matting floor and ramp for the pet's comfort, warm water, and a blow dryer. The station starts at $2.50 and increases based on time spent. An average wash will cost between 10-15 dollars including flea and tick shampoo, conditioner, rinsing, and blow drying your pet. This station mainly caters to dogs, but other pets are accepted as well. Some of the best features of this station include the automatic turn dial controls including a de-skunking shampoo for your dog. Clean atmosphere, great place to soak your dog down for a nice bath that is relatively inexpensive compared to others in the area.

*For other pet services and supplies see Pet Stores, groomers, or Dogs for dog-specific listings.



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2008-08-13 19:45:59   I recently heard about this place from several of my pet sitting clients. I took a dog client of mine here for the first time and was not dissapointed. I like it so much I decided to add a page on wiki. My experience here was very positive and Obi, and Cody were happy to receive a bath. The pet wash station is clean and consumer friendly offering pet owners many opitions including shampoo, de-skunk, condition, oatmeal shampoo, and even a dryer. The starting cost for a wash is $2.50 and increases per minute. The rubber matting and dog ramp is a great addition for all pets. My only complaint is the water pressure is a bit low to quickly wash your dog. Overall, a great addition to the Davis community and an alternative to yard or bathtub baths. The best part is bonding time with your pet and leaving the messy cleanup and hair there. 4/5 stars —ElizabethBarthel

2009-10-14 14:56:56   i just took my dog there this morning because he rolled in the mud at the dog park. man this place is cleaner than my HOUSE. getting him into the basin was a challenge, he wouldn't jump up. But once he was up there and locked in, it was awesome!!!! I spent $10 and he got an oatmeal shampoo and rinse, and blow dry. He is squeaky clean. I've never seen a pet wash at a carwash and vacuum place before, it's FABULOUS!!!!!!! I agree on the low water pressure. —StephHolm

2010-10-09 13:57:00   My dog doesn't like baths so much, but it's so easy to giver her one here. She can be locked in and won't slip around - how fantastic! And the little caged area is nice, she can't get away when I try to brush her. Definitely the best thing in Davis for my pup. —ChristyMarsden

2010-11-18 11:25:56   This place was AWESOME!! The manager is great also!! Definitely recommend, inexpensive, and everything is provided for you! —alexisdabest

2011-06-25 00:42:06   I went to wash my dog here today. The place is very clean, accessible, and the blow dryer is very strong. Although I wish there were brushes to use (bring a brush with you.) This place is excellent and such a unique idea. I got to clean my dog as well as my car! —TraNgu