Various local parks

Rainbow Summer is a summer camp run by the City of Davis Community Services Department. The camp is for elementary school aged children (and those entering 7th grade). Camps are offered at Community Park, Slide Hill Park. It was formerly offered at Market Park, Westwood Park and Northstar. The camp at Community Park is geared toward the younger kids (1st-4th Grades). The camp is the least expensive the City offers. Activities range from swimming, to arts and crafts, to massive games of capture the flag. Each week, campers have a theme which is continued through activities and field trips. Many Davisites have fond memories of antics at Rainbow Summer. Sometimes the camps would challenge each other and have massive games of capture the flag in community park.

Rainbow Summer Voyagers is the older variant, now called Voyagers where kids meet up at Community Park and then bike several miles in and around Davis. This isn't to be confused with Camp Putah