A sad and dying breed (aren't we all sad and dying?), these people give up most of their lives to type, scribble, and mutter nonsense to themselves into a form of writing. Often times they give up going to the hip party in order to sneak themselves into the dark recesses of their room and scribble away manuscript after manuscript. Or maybe they don't get invited to hip parties so they just wander around aimlessly until they get bored and sit at their desk to write crap about how lonely and isolated they are. Many of them are egotists it seems. Many of them are not it seems. Many of them have been published in all sorts of great venues, but they shouldn't be confused with Noteworthy Published Authors. So, who are these crazy folks?

Davis Student Writers

Descriptions will be added eventually. Feel free to add your own, if you're on here, or add yourself — alphabetically!!!