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135 F Street in downtown
Mon.-fri. 9-6
Sat. 9-5
(530) 759-8482
Vita Dolce Facebook
Carlos Preciado, Antainette Preciado
April 2009
Payment Method(s)
Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard

Vita Dolce Salon was a local salon that aimed to please both men and women by offering a full range of services, such as hair design, massage, and nail care. Their highly trained and personable staff spent many years here in Davis. The owners, Antainette and Carlos, combined skills and passion to create a stylish, urban salon dedicated to both men and women. The salon had a classic style with a modern twist.

Hannah and Antainette are now at Strands Salon. Kristin Hernandez is now at Wilde Hare Salon in Dixon.

Their services included:

  • Full Service Hair Salon- Color/Highlights, cuts, up-do’s, etc

Now offering both Cadiveu and Pravana smoothing treatments (FORMALDEHYDE FREE)

  • Massages- deep tissue, Swedish, etc

Vita Dolce Salon was located in the heart of downtown Davis, directly across from the AT&T store. This historic building was once a bank, but was been transformed into a trendy full service salon. The renovations to the building incorporated modern themes, bright colors and blue accents, while maintaining a classic touch with damask designs and black furniture. When you entered, you were greeted in the lobby and escorted to where you would receive your services. The massage therapist was located in a secluded and peaceful room within the Salon, and the hair stations were located to the right of the lobby.

Vita Dolce offered their clients two lines of professional products, Unite and Davines, both emphasizing their use of all natural ingredients. More information on the product lines can be found at:


  • Stylist/Owner: Antainette Preciado
  • Stylist: Hannah Silici
  • Manicurist: Lisa Trosper
  • Massage Therapist: Marissa Daniels

Their services included (please note that all starting prices might change if you have long/thick hair):


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2009-06-18 12:26:27   Vita Dolce is the newest and hottest place in Davis. Antainette has been doing my hair for years and it always looks amazing! I never have to wait and I always get her full attention. No squeezing others in during my appointment like I've had happen at other salons. My color always looks awesome and I always leave happy! This is definitely a place you need to check out!! —shylia

2009-06-18 17:04:19   Vita Dolce is beautiful, and definately the best salon in davis. From the minute you walk in, you feel welcome with the open, bright, layout! Love the Tiffany blue, very nice! The sleak clean, and organized look and feel make you feel like you've stepped out of a busy life, all to relax and get done up. The whole staff is great! Alyssa is my stylist, and I usually leave it up to her to decide on my colors and my style, and she really knows what she's doing, everyone is always asking "who does your hair!" The one thing about this place, is that you can really tell that everyone that works there wants to be there and make you feel great, even with the drink bar, and all! Thanks Vita Dolce, and congratulations on your future success! Definatly, check it out!!!! ***** Five stars. Rina —aryounan

2009-06-18 18:50:53   Vita Dolce = Sick!! I've been to multiple salon and barber shops and this is by far the nicest, most welcoming and visually pleasing location I’ve seen. From the moment you walk in you get a very warm and calming feeling with the blue all around you… Now for me I went to get a fade with a trim on top, and I don’t know why, but most places it’s either they are experts at fades and tapers but can’t cut hair free style or vise versa. However, at Vita Dolce doesn’t matter what style of cut you need Mike P / Mr. Hollywood will take care of ya. Sitting down in the chill barbershop room with a huge flat screen TV and talking it up Hollywood about what ever, will feel relax and confident that you’re in the hands of the best hair stylist in Davis! When he was done with my fade and trim, with minimal instructions by me, I was hella stocked because it was the cleanest cut I had in years. Perfect fade and Perfect trim… that dude so good he should be called ‘Mike of All Trades’! For real’s!! Hit them up you won’t regret it. —KINGJES

2009-06-18 21:43:01   Vita Dolce is the only place I will be going from now on... Thank goodness we have some serious talent in Davis. I went in for a cut from Alyssa, and got exactly what I wanted. I asked for a "lob," and I had brought a picture. A lob is a long bob, and after she was finished I was so happy at how good it turned out! Not surprised at all, Alyssa seriously has what it takes. Antainette, was also very nice, and funny, it was like I was hanging out with my girlfriends. They made sure my time there was great, cold bottled water, or soda, or even wine. They also got me hooked on the product they carry, Davines. Defineatly worth every penny. I had asked Alyssa about each product, because I needed specific things to control color, and frizz and stuff like that, and she knew exactly what I needed; My hair has really never felt this good. This place is countless steps ahead of the rest!!! And the pedicures aren't bad either... hehe......Just a down right awesome salon, from style and design, to just "shear" talent (no pun intended ;-) —SofiaR

2009-06-18 22:02:27   Alyssa at Vita Dolce has been cutting my hair for a couple years now and I LOVE the way she does my hair! She always dedicates her full attention to me during my appointment, ensuring wonderful results each and every visit. Prior to meeting Alyssa, I had been flying to LA to get my hair cut because I couldn't find a local pro. I was convinced by a friend to try Alyssa and I haven't been back to LA since! Simply put, Alyssa knows her stuff: she is professional, stylish, and extremely talented. In addition to all this Alyssa has a cheerful, fun personality and I always leave looking and feeling GREAT! (A+ Alyssa!) —angcastle

2009-06-19 15:23:13   Why look anywhere else to get cut? My boy Mike at Vita Dolce does it official. Real talent and passion is hard to find these days but Mike knows how to treat you right. just tell him exactly what you want and you will not leave disappointed. you really dont know what a real haircut looks like unless you been to Mike. Ive known him for well over a year and hes been up and down california cutting hair and learning fresh new techniques and styles. he just got back from Orange County after a successful stay and hes ready to give you the cleanest, most eye catching haircut uve ever had. the time and detail he puts into his cuts is second to none. barbers like Mike are few and far between, let him prove to you that haircuts can be fun as well as rewarding. your friends and family will notice a difference. Mike's cuts will give you the swagger you need to be that go getter you always wanted to be... —AnthonyConrad

2009-06-19 18:43:35   Vita Dolce is where its at! Don't let the name fool you because there is a REAL BARBER SHOP that is seperate from the salon in the back. I live in Vacaville and used to go to get a fade in Dixon by Mike Preciado (aka Hollywood) or Carlos Preciado even though there are barber shops in Vacaville. Now that they are in Davis I travel even further to get faded up. Not only are they the best barbers but they are also really cool people and treat all of their customers as friends. They make you want to hang so if you have to wait you dont realize that you are waiting. Even after my hair cuts are done I always stick around if I have time to. My haircut is always clean and just the way I want it. I dont even have to tell them what I want because they already know. Mike was barbering in L.A. for a while and when I went out there for vacation I made a point to stop at his barber shop for a Mike P Special (the cleanest fade I have ever have in my life). I always refer my friends to Mike and the ones who decide to try him out are more than satisfied. I also love the fact that at Vita Dolce it is a Salon & Barber Shop because I can bring my girlfriend with me to get her hair or nails done while I get my fade... make sure to stop by one day and at least look at it (also meet the crew) even if you are not sure about getting a service done. —brhodes707

2009-06-19 19:08:14   What up Mike P. Thanks for the birthday love and the sexy fade homie. I was hella stressing hitting Napa for my birthday weekend with my lady after my last Davis cut. You really took the time to hook it up, get all the small things other barbers fail to notice, and make it look pimp. My whole headpiece is like whoa. You're a helluva barber and I'm glad we finally got someone in town that can cut it up like back home in LA. Much love. —Johnathen

2009-06-23 13:13:14   Vita Dolce is the most professional and stylish new salon in Davis. Antainette and Alyssa have done an amazing job decorating the salon part of Vita Dolce and everytime I go in, I have a great experience. Alyssa has been my stylist for about a year now, and she is literally the best stylist I have ever had. She successfully transitioned me from brunette to blonde without making me look ridiculous and I always leave the salon satisfied. People are constantly asking me where I get my hair done. I have referred over 10 of my sorority sisters and friends to Alyssa, and everyone has become a repeat customer! If you are looking for a professional, relaxing, reasonable priced and stylish salon with dependable stylists who have a lot of experience and know what they are doing, Vita Dolce is definitely the place to go. —MRS

2009-07-20 14:03:43   I just had my first hair cut at Vita Dolce by Mike the week before. I went in without knowing what to expect except for all these previous posting. Fortunately, the previous postings weren't lies. I just went in and allowed Mike to cut as he deemed necessary. While getting my hair chopped, Mike and I talked about a great assortment of topics. When the job was done, I had the cut I wanted. Furthermore, I did not have any cash with me; but, Mike allowed me to head over to my bank and get some money. Talk about trust! Overall, I highly recommend this place; the place feels like getting a haircut at home but with the professional skill level. —MrHer

2009-07-28 15:04:14   So basically im here talking about Mr. Mike Peezy AKA Hollywood. Dis dude is sick !!!!. His cuts r so clean. I haven't had a good barber ina long minute. Even doe I like new looks all the time, I feel Mike knows wats best. Ppl be jockin my cuts all the time. Haha. Go to him for fades, tappers, fohawks, mohawks or anything else u wann. He is a beast at the cuts. —BigJoe

2009-08-17 15:04:17   I got my hair cut here by Alyssa a few months ago, and it was the best cut I've ever had. She is a perfectionist! My hair looked great when I left the salon. She understood my hair type, and she was able to cut a style that was not only adorable, but fit into my daily hair styling regime easily. Not only is she an excellent stylist, but she's extremely sweet and very fun to chat with while she works. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new stylist. —ElizabethAbinante

2009-09-01 15:45:43   Don't let the entrance fool you gentlemen. Step inside, turn left and, Carlos, the best barber in Davis is waiting for you in a traditional men's barber shop complete with big screen TV. No kidding - the best haircut ever. —JoeODonnell

2009-09-04 13:33:07   Vita dolce is the best place to get ur haircut. Mike P gives the best fades and and haircuts. I drive all the way to vita dolce from dixon just to get a cut. —jed

2009-09-22 14:25:36   Carlos has been cutting my hair for a couple of years. I started going to Carlos when he was in Dixon. I'm glad I found him, because it's so hard to find a good/ traditional barber nowadays. I don't mind the extra drive to Davis, because I know I'm always going to get a good haircut, and friendly and professional service. During my visit to Vita Dolce, I took advantage of a massage with Marissa. She did an awesome job on my sore and tight muscles. At Vita Dolce, you get it all. I highly recommend Vita Dolce to anyone, you won't be dissatisfied!!!! Don't forget to take advantage of their first time discounts... —italomartin

2009-10-15 16:36:26   This is definitely the best barbershop in Davis. It took me a year but I finally found a place that can give a good fade. Also, love that they use the straight razors. —MarkD

2009-11-14 14:48:54   Alyssa is great! She just gave me a great cut today and I've been going to her for about a year now. Sadly I will only get to see her once more before I graduate and move away from Davis...but she is the best! :) Definitely an awesome, professional, clean and stylish salon. —plaidisrad

2009-11-19 09:23:25   Love this salon! It has a great vibe and the place is so clean! I been getting my hair done by Hannah Silici for about 4 years, following her around where ever she goes. She does the best color and cuts ever! I'm so happy to see her in the new location! Thanks so much Hannah for the best hair ever! P.s they have a Barbershop to in the back. —Sarahplainandtall

2009-12-12 18:38:40   AMAZING! When I found out Maria was no longer at Lasting Impressions I panicked and after calling like 4 different salons I thought I was never going to find someone but then I called Vita Dolce and got an appt with service in a long time. My hair looks and feels great. I love this place! —Tiffee

2009-12-17 12:49:35   This is a TOP NOTCH Barbershop. The best in my opinion. I was very impressed with my barber Carlos in all aspects, ranging from his great care and personability to his knowledge and experience. I am very pleased with the seamless taper and am very glad to have tried his suggestions. Will be going back for sure. —Alex

2009-12-18 02:05:35   The fact is that Davis isn't a great town for barber shops: after being here a year and a half, I've tried most of them. Got tired of being condescendingly (and incorrectly) lectured to about the financial crisis while getting substandard haircuts by one muscle-bound brother, got tired of unpredictable results at a few other places. After four haircuts — nothing fancy, straight-up barbering — with both Carlos and Mike I have to say I'm now loyal to the shop. They still use the straight-razor on the neck, still use old-school aftershave, still know how to do a real taper, their first question isn't "What number clipper?" (yeah, scissors are still the primary instrument) and they still know how to talk with you — not at you — while you're getting a cut. It's called a barber shop, and many other establishments could take some lessons from them. —Swilltopower

2010-01-12 11:05:34   Friendly people in the barbershop. Very poor haircut: uneven and patches. Layering of hair poorly done. Shop is not clean. Not recommended. Sorry. —willygates

2010-01-21 19:23:15   Love Vita Dolce! They're simply the best, staff is amazing. Kristin does my hair religiously and it's always the greatest experience. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants get their primp on all around! Two thumbs up, best and most fun salon I've been to! —RhiRhi

2010-01-30 15:31:29   Love Love Love Vita Dolce...... 1st time there for Me and My 6yr old. Kristin Hernandez was Wonderful! As soon as we walked in the door we were greeted and asked if we needed anything. We were then given a tour and off to have our hair done. I got a cut and Highlights, which came out beautiful. Everyone there was very sweet and we will be retuning very soon, but this time we will be bringing another fan may 8 yr old son since they have a Barber.... It's the 1 stop shop! Thanks so much..... Your Vacaville Friends don't mind driving to Davis for a Great Cut or Color! —ENEDINA

2010-02-10 21:34:25   Graduated from Davis last summer and relocated in South bay. The only reason Im visiting Davis is have my haircut with Alyssa. Alyssa has been doing my hair for two years now! :) She knows exactly what she is doing, love how she layering my hair! —2250402

2010-03-10 13:12:59   Just got a killer haircut from Hollywood this time. top notch, clean and just the way I wanted it. Very pleased, really nice job. —Alex

2010-03-29 16:17:03   Kristen Hernandez is an extremely talented stylist who is employed at Vita Dolce. I hired her to do my hair & makeup for a private event where I worked as Marilyn Monroe. Her skills, knowledge & confidence in her ability & vision completely exceeded my expectations & blew everyone's mind! She made my night one I will always remember. She was punctual & brought all of her own top-of-the-line products & was very generous with her pricing. She was quick but spared nothing. I will definitely hire Kristen Hernandez for my next special event! Check her out folks~She ROCKS! —EmFarrington

2010-03-29 20:47:26   Kristin is definitely my go to girl for hair now. Several things I love about her. She listens to what I want, she pays attention to the texture and health of my hair when considering a cut, and she always gets great results. I get non-stop compliments on my cut and color and I know it is all thanks to her skill. —laurenswim

2010-04-05 13:34:16   Hey all! It's Kristin, from Vita! I wanted to remind all current and potential clients that I DO offer services for clients with ALL textures. Ex: relaxers, spot relaxers, perms, body waves, and the latest Beach wave by Pravana. Come in and get re-texturized for summer!!! **20% off all re-texturizing services for NEW clients

2010-04-14 15:44:25   We love Vita Dolce!! Everybody is fantastic, especially our favorite stylist Hannah Silici! —RenewDenim

2010-04-20 08:38:53   This place gave me the worst hair cut I have EVER had(Alyssa)! I went home and cried for hours!!!! My hair was soo uneven and she cut my bangs so short! I am so angry! —JessicaMorgan

2010-04-26 16:01:22   Carlos was a great barber in the back, very good to talk to about sports and made sure that you oversaw your haircut throughout the process. Definitely gonna go again. —pbdeng

2010-05-06 16:46:22   Alyssa has been doing my hair for 3 years now! I am from la and would only get my hair done on Beverly hills cuz I was so particular then I found ALYSSA she is amazing and I have never been happier with my hair! She understands exactly what I want and makes my hair look amazing! Brown to blonde, blonde to brown, short to long, long to short, male or female. Go to Alyssa for anyway any style and you will look and feel great! For a great price she will make you look good. Anyone who says anthing negative about her or her style know nothing about her because I give her an absolute A+! Keep up the great work alyssa! —Tatertotz

2010-05-19 18:41:58   Kristen is WONDERFUL! I've tried a few other places in Davis (and elsewhere) but never went back to any one place because I never felt like I was never getting my money's worth. Now, I finally have a stylist I will go to again and again. Kristen never rushes, always asks what you liked and didn't like about your last hair cut, and never gets annoyed when I ask her to fix something I'm not happy with. She definitely spends more time on my hair than anyone I've ever gone to in the past. When I did my hair after my latest haircut I realized that it wasn't quite what I wanted (my own fault for not describing what I wanted correctly). I felt really bad asking Kristen to "fix" it a couple days later, but she was SO nice about it! She really took her time and made sure I left with exactly what I wanted. She genuinely wants you to LOVE your haircut. :-) Since I've started going to Kristen my hair looks better than EVER. Not to brag...but I look amazing! :-) Thanks Kristen!

2010-07-24 13:17:04   I just saw Kristin for a Brazillian Blow-out that they just began offering. My hair is natuarally curly and coarse with a lot of volume and frizz. It is also very highlighted at a moment so I was concerned about overprocessing my hair. Well I'm amazed - Kristin really took her time with the process making sure that the heavily highlighted portions of my hair were not becoming too damaged or stressed. She also did a ton of research on which product would be best to use and was sure to find one that was free of Formaldehyde so that we wouldn't be breathing toxic fumes during the treatment. The we didn't take all of the curl out of my hair so I'm left with awesome beachy waves that are very managable. The frizz is entirely gone and the shine that has been added to my hair is amazing. I cannot wait to see how much more easily I can style my hair. I'm totally impressed by the service and would recommend it to anyone who just wants to make their hair more shiney and healthy looking and easier to deal with. And definitely see Kristin to do won't be disappointed. —laurenswim

2010-08-27 12:07:59   Calling ALL sorority sisters! The stylists at Vita Dolce would like to extend a 20% off discount to ALL sorority sisters, off ALL hair services! This offer has NO expiration date! We only require some form of proof that you are in a sorority IN DAVIS. Please feel free to call and ask Q's but it's pretty cut and dry: Sorority Sister=20% off ALL hair sevices ALL the time! —KristinAprilHernandez

2010-08-27 17:14:15   Antainette just gave me the most beautiful ICE Blonde, peek-a-boo in my fringe! She safely and delicately lifted through Pravana Red/Magenta, with confidence. For those of you who don't know, Pravana is a very hard red to lift through and NEVER, in 15 years, has anyone pulled me this blonde. Though it is a small Section of hair, I am still wicked impressed :) From one color specialist to another, Antainette, YOU ROCK! Xoxo —KristinAprilHernandez

2010-09-16 21:38:20   OK, OK, OK- The BEST stylist I have ever come across works at this salon and I have been going to her for over 5 years, HANNAH! She is a very talented hair cutter, colorist and does an amazing BRAZILLIAN BLOW OUT! I know, what the heck is a Brazillian Blowout? Well, I have always had really curly frizzy hair and Hannah used a new non-abrasive chemical treatment made of all these natural products and ingredients and my hair has done a 108 degree turn around. It is silky smooth and STRAIGHT- go figure. She also does an amazing job with color and highlights- always, I mean always looks natural and exactly what I imagined. Check out Hannah! —Barley123

2010-10-15 11:51:35   Vita Dolce is by far the most premier and best joint to prepare yourself fresh for the weekend! Mike "Hollywood" Preciado is a master at the clips and will make sure that you leave Vita Dolce lookin 100%....his shop is like no other, its not just a haircut with Hollywood, he takes great pride in his service to you and enjoys a great conversation. Feel free to sit back and enjoy the game on the big screen while getting a fresh touch up, or a clean trim! only complain about Hollywood is that he works too much!!! and needs to come out with us!

u need a fresh cut for the weekend? going on a hot date? night out at the club?!?! go to Vita Dolce and ask for Hollywood, you wont be dissapointed. —JayAlburez

2010-10-18 15:57:01   for reals mike p aka hollywood aka mike pezzy is the sickest barber in da hood.mike p gives me a sickman look of the year.if you need a line up or fade I recommend going to my cuddies shop once again the sickest barber in the westcoast you best beleave it. Do work son!!!!!! Get at him !!!! —fasa

2010-12-18 15:13:05   Vita Dolce is a super cute salon! I had my hair done by Hannah. She was wonderful and made my hair look beautiful! I highly suggest this salon :) —KaitDancer