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Hey, is there an entry for Physical Therapy? I noticed there are a bunch that aren't linked, and it's something somebody in need would look for. -jw

  • I'm not aware of a page like that. Seems like a good idea. —cp

Speaking of needed entries, do we have one for "Disposal," i.e., how to properly get rid of things like batteries, drugs, paint, electronics, couches, etc.? I feel like this info is scattered across the wiki, but maybe there should be one page for it? If so, is there a better name? —cp

Recycling seems fairly comprehensive. Either pulling the relevent info off the page for a new one or changing the name to Waste Disposal and Recycling would make sense. EDIT: Actually, after re-reading the entry, I am definitely more in favor of creating a new page using the existing info. It's rather unwieldy as it is. Recycling is important enough in Davis to have its own entry. — SM

Thanks, that's where a lot of the info is... I couldn't remember. But now that I see it, I might be more in favor of having a Waste Disposal and Recycling (i.e., a page rename, or a page redirect), so that people don't need to worry about whether the item they are trying to get rid of will be recycled or disposed. What we really want is just one stop place for people who are trying to give rid of stuff but don't know how to do it properly. EDIT: Or maybe they should be split up. I'm not sure! —cp

2014-01-08 11:10:50   HELP!!! Trying to post event which is next Wed., Jan 15 on Davis.wiki.com - YES I am logged in but will not post our event! Patricia [email protected] 530-752-6357


I got this folks ~SD

Actually I think Patricia has got this figured out already

2014-02-24 15:30 Hi all! My name is Andrew and I'm working with the company launching the new .wiki TLD (a Top Level Domain is a URL suffix, like .com and .org). The TLD space is exploding, as you may have heard, and hundreds of new ones are coming out. We are excited to see .wiki launch as one of the only platform based TLDs. This means that existing wiki owners will benefit from greater visibility and participation by clearly labeling their project on a .wiki web address. We are preparing for our launch by inviting notable and forward-thinking wiki owners to move to their current sites to a .wiki domain name. It would be mutually beneficial, as we get to show off your vibrant wikis and you get a premium name and inclusion in our global PR effort.

DavisWiki has been a long-time example of a great community wiki. I would love to talk more about what the new TLD space means for DavisWiki and why redirecting to davis.wiki would be a monumental and innovative step for Davis. You can follow up with me at andrew[at]tldesign.co - our site can be found at www.nic.wiki (this should work in most browsers but some are still catching up on recognizing new TLDs - it's brand new and been on the live Internet for about a week!! This is exciting stuff.)

So the registrar for this top level domain will be a private company? ~Daubert

Shouldn't this question go to Philip Neustrom? I'm not overly concerned with top-level domain recognition; DavisWiki feels like a .org to me as an indication of a group effort. We're not the only "Davis" out there. Changing EVERYTHING would be a massive overhaul and would, I think, undermine what we've been buidling here. JudithTruman

There's already work on localwiki.org. Personally, I don't really care for the .wiki or any format specific tld. This does feel a bit like a sales pitch; ones of the current phases .wiki is going through is to establish prices by measuring demand. -jw

  • I have a little experience with the launch of the .coop TLD, and the registrar is a non-governmental entity for that (in the USA, it's a subsidiary of the National Cooperative Business Association). I agree with JW that there's a phase of assessing demand, and you have to believe that a more-specific TLD has some value for you; it certainly won't be cheaper than registering for a .com address. The two possible domains "daviswiki.org" and "davis.wiki" could be set to easily alias back and forth, so it wouldn't be a massive overhaul, unless I'm completely ignorant of how domain servers work. I do think that the daviswiki community has some stake in this, but I also don't think this is our decision to make: that's up to wikispot. —DougWalter

    -Exactly ~SD

    • People could always resurrect the Davis Wiki board, hint, hint... -jw

2016-12-03 05:10:59   Hi all, just want to share that T4 boba tea chain is coming to Downtown Davis at 132 E Street! —Allant918

2018-03-13 13:02:15   Hi all, As part of an English project at UC Davis we are conducting a survey on the DavisWiki. If you have time, please fill it out here: https://ucdavis.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9SH9pqTXt9Wh4R7 . It should only take about five minutes. Thank you! —adlasa