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Upcoming Rides

Ride Theme
Meeting Place
Park-to-park Ice cream Ride
June 5th
Meet at 8:00 PM
Central Park
April Kamen
We will visit a few parks in town with musical accompaniment and finish up at Village Park for an ice cream social.

Next ride, June 5th, 8PM

Park-to-park ride: We will visit parks in Davis, cruise around and listen to music, and when we visit Village Park, we will get treated to ice cream at April's house- woo hoo!

About the Davis Cruisers

The Davis Cruisers are a bicycling group who ride for pleasure to sweet tunes, at a cruising pace, in a non-confrontational style to celebrate celestial events, the arts, bicycle liberation, and anything else they feel like celebrating. The rides are public and free.

If you are interested in projecting music, please contact me at [email protected] so that we can coordinate sound systems.


Do you have one of these bad boys? —Come plant trees in October!

Talkin' up the Cruisers on KDVS Today at 5:00PM- September 29, 2008 Rainbow will be a guest on the bicycle show Velolution- the show all about bicycles, bicycle culture, bicycle politics- today on KDVS 90.3 at 5:00PM.

Cruisers in Action- August 11, 2008 The Davis Cruisers have been invited to participate in a local tree planting. This is our opportunity to use pedal power to assist volunteers for Tree Davis tree plantings by carrying shovels from site to site (located a few blocks from each other). We are especially looking for 10-12 individuals with bike trailers, xtracycles and other bike towing equipment. If interested, please write to [email protected].

Calling All Cruisers!- Davis Enterprise Photo Op- August 6, 2008 The Davis Enterprise is running a story on the Davis Cruisers. Bike on out to the Farmers Market tonight, August 6, at 6:30PM to be in the photo celebrating bike culture Davis style and enjoy The West Nile Ramblers. We'll meet by the stage area at 6:30PM- all welcome!

Looking for Photos of Davis Bike Culture- August 4, 2008 If you have any photo-documentation of the rockin bike culture in Davis (bikes, bike people, people on bikes, bike rides, bike related events, or far out parties) that you would like to share with the public, please send them my way.

Or one of these? —Come plant trees in October!

The August New Moon Ride Welcomes the Davis Cruisers to Town- August 2, 2008 Thank you to everybody's interest in and response to the first Davis Cruisers ride. We had two sound systems on the ride and we look forward to adding more in the future. If you are interested in projecting music, please write to [email protected] so that we can coordinate sound systems.

Previous Rides

The Full Moon Ride took place on August 16th under the luminous glory of the full moon, which was celebrated as the Sturgeon, Harvest, and Grain moon by indigenous people because of the plentiful nature of this time of year. Many thank yous to all Cruisers for coming out in full force! We cruised north along the green belt and then west, to the Domes and back downtown for the the Playa Party where Mark Chang magically crafted a man and temple for a proper burn in our mini playa. Thanks and praises!

The Inaugural Davis Cruisers New Moon Ride took place on August 1st. Thank you to all who came along for the cruise- we enjoyed a musical ride through downtown Davis up to Northstar Park on the green belt. As the sun was setting, we headed over to the N Street Co-housing to enjoy an evening of local music by Nancy Cassidy.


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