2255 Sycamore Lane
(North Davis, near the intersection of Alvarado & Sycamore)
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 12:00 pm-5:00 pm
(530)756-9592 or email [email protected]
Central heat/air
Handicapped access
BBQ area
Cats ONLY!- a  max of 2 with Deposit
Study room
Instaconnect free in study area

Sequoia Apartments offers one bedroom apartments ($1365.), two-bedroom apartments( ranging from $1795-1875./month) as well as three townhouse( $2400.) and four-bedroom townhouse ($3140.) month; PETS: NO DOGS!  Cats only with a deposit $300/1- $500/2 . (January 2021). Sequoia is located on Unitrans G and J bus line and is next to The Marketplace.

There is a laundry room near the study (behind the mailboxes). It costs $1.50 to wash or dry.

For additional information on rental housing options in Davis, please visit our Housing Guide or Apartments page.



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2005-05-10 20:04:52   A word about these apartments. Good location BUT cold in the winter, extremely hot in the summer. AC did not cool anything and the heat never heated anything. You get the idea. —ColinWen

2005-09-17 18:53:50   I stayed for a month in a friend's apartment at Sequoia. The central A/C was fine, except that it didn't work for two days. The managament (notably Tom & Michelle) were responsive and helpful, though. —JoFeuerstein

2007-02-09 20:17:33   This is my second year living in Sequoia. It's not luxury, but I've certainly found it adequate and affordable. I live in a 4 bedroom, 2 floor apt. , and I also find that the downstairs is cold (drafty) in the winter, but our apt. is naturally cool in the summer because it's shaded by the other buildings. I also agree that the management are very nice, helpful, and responsive. (Michelle has been replaced by Elizabeth.) —AmandaSmith

2007-08-01 22:48:52   Just moved into a one bedroom in Sequoia. Very nice place, nice grounds, nice neighborhood, and affordable. TONS of storage space—there's an enormous (if slightly funky) linen closet near the kitchen, plus an outdoor closet on our balcony/entryway. Air conditioning worked pretty well when we were moving in, even though we had the door open for a good half an hour on a hot day while we were dragging stuff in. Very happy with our choice; I'll come back and post more after we've been here a while. —RyanSandler

2007-10-14 13:55:51   Our air conditioner was recently "fixed" to not blow out cold air, and they've yet to come around and fix some of the things we requested, but overall, so far so good. The bus stop is one of the first on the inbound G and J lines, so you basically get first pick of seats everytime you board the bus. The fact that the Marketplace is behind the complex (or the complex is behind the Marketplace?) makes it super convenient for late-night food runs. —AbbYu

2008-02-24 15:16:20   is there laundry in the apartments or is it a laundry room —WeiChun

2008-03-12 17:53:12   There is a laundry room near the main office (behind the mailboxes). It costs $1.25 to wash or dry, so $2.50 total. —AbbYu

2009-02-04 15:43:53   Hi I was wondering how much is the electricity bill avg out to be in the two bedroom apts? —dachen

2009-02-18 22:14:44   So far I love it here. Cozy neighborhood, one of the first stops on the G/J bus line so always have a seat on the ride to class, I'm sharing a very spacious room for $520 but they charge an extra $50/month if there's more than one in a room. When our bathroom kept steaming up we let them know and they installed a window! Then came by a few weeks later to check on us to make sure everything was installed cleanly. Great management, when our lights die they're willing to come over any time to replace them. Very nice to talk to when I run into them while taking the trash out. Parking spaces are limited (we get 2 for our 3 bedroom place) but there's plenty of street parallel parking. RIGT next to the Marketplace, so convenient. —Janette

2009-05-15 11:55:14   Hey, has anyone who lives here and has Comcast had bad internet? Like, intermittent outs and slow times? We had a Comcast guy out here and he said the wires in the apartment complex are old and thin and there was nothing really he could do. Now, not that I trust Comcast, but I was thinking of talking to Elizabeth (in the office) about it and wondered if anyone else had experienced the same problem. —bwana

2009-06-24 08:01:59   dachen: Electricity depends largely on how you and your roommate live. My roommate and usually average around $50-60 (total) and that includes frequent A/C cooling and cooking. —AbbYu

2009-09-20 00:37:43   I LOVED LIVING HERE! ! ! Elizabeth, the mgr is super super nice, and whenever there was something wrong with the apt a handy man would come over asap to fix it....and if it broke again they would get back on it IMMEDIATELY no questions asked. The location is perfect b/c of the J/G bus line with a stop right in front of the complex...plus you get the Marketplace like a 1 min walk away with all its amazing amenities (noahs,jamba, safeway, blockbuster, message envy etc etc). The laundry room was never crowded and I could always find an open washing machine/dryer. The pool came in handy during the hotter months and it was always really clean. Again I can't stress it enough how amazingly nice the complex managers were and the handy people that worked for them...sweeter than sweet and I really do miss all the memories made there!!!! —sasafrass

2010-07-31 12:00:20   The complex is pretty nice although the parking lot is incredibly small. I'm always worried about hitting other cars when I'm backing out of my spot. It also sucks when somebody is in your spot because there are so few visitor spots open since people keep their cars there for weeks at a time. The manager is nice, except for the fact that the office is only open for a few hours a day and its always when I am working. But when I did get ahold of them, the handy man was very good about repairing whatever we needed fixed —JYuki

2011-08-15 22:33:44   I've heard of plenty of apartment horror stories over management and living spaces, but I don't have any to say about this complex. Management is nice, flexible, and responsive. Living space and rent expected is adequate. With the marketplace right next door and first dibs on G/J line, I haven't regretted living here for a single moment in all three years. —ICuric

2012-02-07 17:42:49   I had a great experience living at Sequoia for two years. Yes, the complex is a little older, but anytime I needed something to be fixed, they were there the next day at the latest. Also, when we had problems with out dishwasher, they just replaced the whole thing. Elizabeth was always very receptive to any problems I had. Overall, I thought Sequoia was a great place to live! —KatieSwanson

2012-02-09 16:27:11   Does anyone know if there is a roommate matching program here? —AnnaMah

2012-04-26 16:21:01   We're moving out this summer after living here for 5 years (3 years in a 1 bedroom, 2 in a 2 bedroom). This has been a great home for us. It's typically quiet, the management is nice and always quick to respond to problems. It is very nice to live so close to the Marketplace. It's a quick walk if we forgot to buy an ingredient for dinner, or want to go out for a quick dinner. We never used the pool much, but it's always kept open and clean during the warm months. The small parking lot is a down-side, but our visitors could usually find street parking without going too far when the visitor spots were full. —econmom

2012-05-31 14:29:34   This is the only place I have ever renewed my lease. I have lived in 2 other places but I was not satisfied living in either of them. I lived in a 3 bedroom apartment for over 2 years and didn't have any problems. The complex is small so it's nice and quiet. It's right by the G and J line so taking the bus is a breeze. It's also right next to Marketplace so you don't have to go too far to find food/groceries. Tom, the handyman, will fix any problems you have in your apartment in a pretty timely manner unlike other places. Elizabeth, the office manager, is extremely nice and will help you resolve anything you need. Overall my stay here was pretty pleasant and it suit my needs. I had 2 cats and a rabbit and I still managed to get practically all of my security deposit back. (My roommates and I were generally pretty clean though) The apartment itself is pretty standard in size and age for its price and location so rent shouldn't burn a hole through your pockets. I'd definitely recommend this place if you're looking for a place to stay.

- they also hold pumpkin carving contests during Halloween with prizes and there's free food :-) —iAteHere

2012-10-14 19:58:17   I lived in Sequoia Apartments for 2 years (2010-2012; two bedroom and three-bedroom apartment) and absolutely loved it here. This is one of the most convenient locations for a Davis student. There are multiple bus lines offered: the Untirans J/G which comes every 15-20 minutes (which is a 2 minute walk from the apartment compelx and you can see the bus coming down the street so you’ll know if you need to run for it or not) & the Yolo 42A/B (which comes every hour and for people who study late at the library, the last bus leaves the MU at 11:25PM). Safeway/CVS is also open 24 hours and is about a 4-5 minute walk. I could go on and on about how wonderful it is to live in this complex, but I feel that most people would want to know some of the cons too.

1) The manager (Elizabeth) and handyman (Tom) are really friendly. Since Tom is only one person, he tries his best to get to everyone’s work orders so it might be delayed a few days at most. One of the cons I see about living in this apartment complex is the office hours. Since it’s only open M-F from 1-4PM, you gotta work it into your schedule if you need to speak with the manager. In my experience, Elizabeth has been very understanding and is willing to stay later to meet with you if you need to talk to her. She is very good at responding to voice mails right when she gets in at 1 too. 2)Another con I see is the narrow parking spots. One/two bedroom apartments get 1 parking spot while three/four bedroom apartments get 2 parking spots. For more parking, street parking is usually available. I would say there are about…8-10 visitor parking spots, but you usually have to get lucky. 3) Also depending on your apartment location, the hotness/coolness will vary. When I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment, it was cool during the summer and warm during the winter. On the other hand, when I lived in the 3 bedroom townhouse, it was pretty hot during the summer and cold during the winter.

There are also some great incentives during the move out season. If you move out a week early, then you don’t have to clean up your apartment and will get your full security deposit back (unless you trashed it). You also get $100 off your rent for each person you refer to live in Sequoia. [Note: things could vary from year to year].

One last thing. In terms of living arrangements, I would say that a 2 bedroom would be ideal for 2-3 people and a 3 bedroom would be ideal for 4-5 people. —AVO

2012-10-15 18:37:07   I've lived here at Sequoia Apartments for 4 straight years after I moved out of the dorms at UCD. It's perfect for the college student. Elizabeth, the manager, is as nice and responsive as any manager you could hope for. The complex is owned by an extremely kind couple, Tom (who also doubles as the maintenance man) and Almut. Maintenance is attended to in a prompt manner. The complex is literally right next to the Marketplace and is right on the G/J line (with easy access to empty seats for going to campus). Generally very quiet area, not too much of a party complex. Complex is well maintained. Great amount of closet space, especially if you get a walk-in closet. Love this place and would definitely recommend it for the typical college student who's light on the wallet but wants the most bang for their buck. Parking spaces can be a bit narrow and the pool could probably be a little cleaner, but otherwise, no complaints here. —KeithSun

2012-11-07 15:34:38   First off, the apartments feel a bit older than the apartments my friends lived in. There might be some small issues such as screen doors rolling off, but they do not make the place unlivable.

Apart from that, Sequoia's pretty awesome. I lived in Sequoia for 3 of my 4 years in Davis, and I had a positive experience. Management always provides early notices before check-ups with the option of setting up a different time if you don't want anyone entering during their given times. Maintenance issues can take a while to get to since there are at most two or three people working on repairs, but they'll get to it.

Elizabeth the manager is also very reasonable about rent due dates. If you forget, she'll send you a lovely reminder about the rent. I once forgot to pay the rent about halfway into the month, but I was able to pay with no additional late fees. Sequoia also offers the same rent rate if you extend the lease for an extra year. There are also monetary bonuses for certain things such as getting a friend to sign up as a referral or keeping your apartment clean as a model for potential future residents.

The last main issue for most apartments is the security deposit. I got most of my deposit back. $50 was taken for cleaning services after I moved out, which I find is rather reasonable.

The last thing I will review is the location of the complex. Right next to the complex is a bus stop for the G and J lines, which lead to the MU and Silo, respectively. If you don't want to ride the bus, the edge of campus is a 10 minute bike ride away. Right next door to Sequoia is Safeway, Jamba Juice, Togo's, Dos Coyotes, and CVS.

Overall, the quality of Sequoia's management gets a 5/5. The apartments' quality gets a 4/5, and the location is a definite 5/5. —AlexWang

2013-05-30 20:54:34   I have lived in Sequoia apartments for the last two years and I am very happy living here. I live in the 2 bedroom apartment and I absolutely love all the space you get. I cook a lot and the kitchen has an island so it doesn't feel like you're trapped in a corner when there is more than one person cooking. Elizabeth, the office manager is very friendly and accessible via email, phone, or in person. Tom, the onsite manager is very nice and fixes any maintenance issues in a timely manner. The laundry room is NEVER full and you can wash 24/7 since it is not directly connected to any apartments. There is also a nice pool and study lounge available for tenant use. The parking lot is usually empty on weekends since many students skip town to go home. This is not a party complex! It is perfect for the studious student who enjoys a peaceful atmosphere without the uptight management.

It takes me anywhere from 10-15 minutes to bike to school and the G/J bus line are right in front of the complexes. For those of you without a car, the apartments are literally right behind Safeway and CVS for all your needs. Best of all the freeway (113CA and I-80) are right around the corner. Forget living on the East part of Davis where all the noise is at! —MichelleLuis

2014-06-26 15:48:10   My family of three lived here for several years, and we loved Sequoia Apartments. We had the 2-bedroom, and we felt it was quite spacious. With a walk-in closet, coat closet, and two additional pantry areas (one near dining room and one in the hall), as well an additional storage closet on the porch, there was ample room for all of our stuff. I really miss all that storage space!! During our stay, all of our appliances were replaced with brand new ones. Any maintenance issues were addressed promptly. The staff was very friendly, and they were very generous with the terms of the lease (for example, an early move-out option, and allowing us to do a month-to-month lease when my husband was in a job search). We loved being able to walk over to the Marketplace for shopping and eating, and the G/J bus lines were practically right outside our door. They have pest control every month, and we never had any problems with bugs. We also enjoyed the pool and the grassy area behind it. I have no complaints about this complex, and I highly recommend living there. —TiffanyLandry

2014-09-27 17:46:18   I've only lived here for one year but I have to say this apartment complex has very good management. They are very helpful and responsive when there is a problem with your apartment and they are also very reasonable when it comes to rent due dates. Elizabeth will always try to help you in any way that is reasonable. There was only a small deduction in our deposit for cleaning since we had the option of moving out a week early compared to other unfair rates from previous apartments I have lived at in the past.

I highly recommend living at this apartment because there are many other perks of this location. For example it is very close to the local Safeway and also very close to the bus stop. I would definitely recommend this apartment complex to a friend in the future. —HowieC

2015-09-01 01:12:34   I have lived here for two years before graduating, and it's a terrific place to live! The managers, Elizabeth and Tom, are great. Both are really understanding and respond to problems in a timely manner. Over two years, we have broken toilets, shower drains, light bulbs, and trash disposals - Tom always had it repaired within 1-2 days. In addition, Tom and his wife are the resident managers - they will provide you with spare keys even when the office is closed (Chaparral requires you to call a locksmith). . The complex is also better maintained than Tesmescal and Chaparral, which are swarming with insects during the summers. Finally, the best part of Sequoia is it right next to the 24 hour Safeway and CVS, which is a lot more important than it may seem at first. I highly recommend living at Sequoia. —dtlam

2015-09-28 20:29:52   I lived here for the 2014-2015 school year, and I had a very great stay. The management, Elizabeth and Tom, were great! They always responded promptly to any problems that may have ever arisen. The location of the complex was great, as well - close to Safeway, Petco, and right on the freeway. The bus lines that come through are the J and the G which were frequent. The washing machines and dryer at this apartment complex function VERY well! They wash and dry well - which is great! Parking is limited, but there is usually a spot on the street if need be. Overall, it is a great place to stay! —lexylenney

2015-10-13 17:04:15   I stayed there for 3 years. I was happy with it. Solid location due to the buses and grocery stores, good management. No complaints from me, except for the fact that it gets hot here. But it's Davis - it gets hot everywhere. —ianwoods