UNT Art Building


UNT Art Building Computer LabThe Art Building at UNT is a 3-story tower of power located toward the South End of Fry Street/Ave A. This building houses art students and their easily breakable art bags, as well as a sculpture shop, several painting studios, spray booths, lecture rooms, a metals workroom, and three gallery spaces. The entire building has a very distinct smell, and it is NOT recommended to go without shoes here. Charcoal dust, especially on the third floor, permeates everything. There are bike racks in convenient places outside the doors, as well as benches for smokers.

The first floor of the building contains the galleries, administrative offices, metals classrooms and the sculpture studio. The second floor has the computer lab, most of the classroom spaces and a lecture hall, as well as some professors' offices. The third floor is more professors' offices and studio spaces for design, watercolor, drawing and painting classes. There are two staircases and one slightly uncomfortably old elevator in which you will probably lose reception if you're on your phone. It takes forever for the elevator to get anywhere.

Gallery Spaces

Lightwell Gallery

Through the center of the building is a lightwell which goes through all three floors. On the bottom floor in the lightwell are frequent student works on exhibition, changing sometimes as often as every week. These shows vary in content: work by groups of students related to a particular class or major is often up, but just as often one can find solo exhibitions from both graduate and undergraduate students.

North Gallery

The North Gallery is what the UNT website calls intimate and what most people call tiny. It's located on the first floor of the art building near the staircase on the opposite end from the Dean's office, and its focus is primarily senior and graduate works.

UNT Art Gallery

(main article: The UNT Art Gallery) This gallery is also on the first floor, in the space between entrances. It's a nice, large-ish space which hosts some pretty good shows, including the annual Voertman's Show and some graduate work.

Computer Lab

Like every other lab on campus, you'll need an ID. The lab employees are generally nice, but mostly a little strange and awkward in the same way most art students are. All the Macs have Apple and Windows options. The computer lab also contains lots of normal printers and several very fancy large-format printers which are usually taken by stressed-out Communication Design majors. You may need to schedule a lot of time to use one of these.

Studios, Storage, and Locker Space

For those with large works, there are plenty of storage spaces in the two painting studios, but artwork is all that is recommended to store there. Cabinets for supplies exist, but thievery is always a danger. It's much safer to try to get a locker at the beginning of the year. This will cost $10 and needs to be done quickly. Students must also provide their own locks.