Stoneview Place is a narrow cul-de-sac of early cottages off Upper Georges Street.

The name Stone View is associated with the house of Samuel Smith, builder and quarry owner who lived in the nearby Stoneview House, now part of Clarinda Park. 

Griffiths Valuation shows 18 houses and 1 plot of building land there in 1849.  The valuations are mainly low, but well above the valuations for some other lanes and courts in the area.  This reflects the fact that although they were small they were solidly built.

The census of 1901 shows 17 houses in a mix of house sizes ranging from 1-room (no 9) to 5-room No 1.  House no 12 has a family of 9 in 2 rooms.  Many houses have 2 or more families - so there is more that 1 return for each of these houses.

The census of 1911 is quite different.  There are now 14 houses. Each house has a single census return  and all of the houses have 2 or 3 rooms except for the last 2 (13 and 14) which have 5 rooms each.  The total number of occupants has been reduced from 92 to 64.  On examining the names, there is only a very small number (less than 10) of the 1901 occupants are still present in 1911.  There has clearly been a major cleansing of the place and I suspect that a more detailed examination would find that the 1901 occupants have been dispersed to the various newly-developed areas of the town.

Would someone like to do that analysis?