804 1/2 Wealthy Street SE is a residence in the Baxter Neighborhood, it is located in the second story of the 800-6 Wealthy SE building at 42.955889°N, 85.64928°WLatitude: 42°57′21.2″N
Longitude: 85°38′57.408″W


The old Economy Heating building located at 804 Wealthy Street SE on the southeast corner of Wealthy and Eastern housed two large upstairs apartments connected by a beautiful double staircase. To the best of anyone's knowledge, the landlord never required a lease for the apartments. For almost 25 years, the apartments were passed on to friends and friends of friends. Tenants generally tended to be artists and musicians. Tenants were allowed to deduct repairs from their rent, which was incentive for people to fix up the interiors themselves.

Extraneous uses

Often these apartments acted as artist studios, film sets, practice spaces and was officially home to the Gala Cathedral and Juan's Secret Cafe. G-RAD was conceived in this space and first held meetings here. In the mid-1990s, the western apartment was home to Urban Produce (UP), an inner-city gardening initiative for at-risk youth from the surrounding neighborhood.



This resident is currently unoccupied.

Past tenants

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