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Heritage Hill

[Demographics on Community Research Institute]

Demographics Overview:

  • Population in Heritage Hill is mainly between 20-29yrs old both male and female. Majority White. More than half the homes are occupied by a single person. Only 16.7% are occupied by married couples.
  • About 63% of families are married, 30% of families are single mom's, 6% single dad's.
  • 21% of homes are owned, 71% rented, 8% vacant.
  • Teen birth rate is 20% lower than GR average, 43% of births carry no medical insurance.
  • 50% male and female are registered voters
  • No reported murders, few rapes, and some robbery. 2005 most violent year. Burglary and larceny on the rise and motor vehicle theft decreasing.
  • 94% over the age of 16 are employed, averaging the same stats as GR.

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