Address: 218 Park Avenue

Old Address: 103 Park Avenue

Other names: Cluett Cottage

Year built:

Other information: Walter and Mary Cluett owned and lived in this house sometime after 1905. Walter H. Cluett was born in 1871. In 1903, he married, and the Cluetts became parents of a son, George B. Cluett II. Probably not long after this, the family moved to Saranac Lake for the benefit of Mrs. Cluett's health. At some point during their stay, they lived at 103 Park Avenue, which became known as the Cluett Cottage; they sold it to C. M. Palmer. 1

Mrs. Potter's nursery school was conducted on the third floor of this house in the 1940s.

Bill Harvey, who owned The Book Store, and his wife Joan raised their family in the house in the 1950s or '60s, including daughter Erica Harvey Halaburda.

George Reynolds, head of the music department at North Country Community College, lived with his family at 103 Park Avenue.



1. Philip L. Gallos, Cure Cottages of Saranac Lake, page 138.