The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra played in the Harrietstown Town Hall for the 800 who attended the 1949 Post Ball, the climax of the four-day encampment of the New York VFW.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 20, 1949

Over 800 Dance to Dorsey Music at Dep't. Ball

The Post Ball, climax of the four-day encampment of the Department of New York, Veterans of Foreign Wars, was attended by more than 800 persons, mostly local residents, who danced until 1:30 a.m., to the music of Jimmy Dorsey's orchestra.

The Ball was held in the Harrietstown town hall auditorium. Arrangements for the Dorsey orchestra to come to Saranac Lake were made through the efforts of William Morris, Jr., according to the General Chairman, Thomas P. Ward.

"Without Mr. Morris' help, both in contacts and money," Mr. Ward said, "the dance would have been impossible."

Nicholas Tartaris was chairman of the Post Ball and was assisted in the sale of tickets by members of the local VFW post.

Chester Reader, treasurer, state that over 100 tickets were sold before the dance, over 600 were sold last night at the door, and that the final figure was not yet known because not all the veteran had turned in the unsold tickets and money.

The 30th encampment was officially concluded at noon yesterday, and many of the delegates left town during the early afternoon. A great percentage of the attendance at the Post Ball included Saranac Lake residents.

The orchestra played a number of request selections and introduced "I've got that New Look" written by Ernie Burnett and Thomas Sheridan of Saranac Lake.

As the dance concluded at 1:30 Mrs. Dorsey, mother of the two nationally known band leaders, was introduced to the dancers.

After the Ball was over the local Post, VFW, entertained the members of the orchestra at the Veterans Memorial Home, 173 Broadway.

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