Born: 1871

Died: 1907

Married: Catherine McBean

Children: Douglas McBean

Alexander Stewart McBean was a dairyman who moved to Saranac Lake for his health around the turn of the century. After his "cure, he organized the Meadowbrook Farm and served as its general manager for many years.

His wife ran the McBean Cottage on Park Avenue after his death. He is buried in Pine Ridge Cemetery.

Malone Farmer, August 24, 1904

A few years ago A. S. McBean, because the climatic conditions did not agree with him, was forced to leave Thornhill Farm, Lancaster, which he was fast making one of the finest gardens in Canada, and remove to Saranac Lake, in the Adirondack region of New York, where the healthful atmosphere and open-air life have restored him to full vigor. Of industrious habits and an enterprising disposition, Mr. McBean soon turned his mind towards profitable employment for his energies and organized the Meadowbrook Farm Company, of which he is the general manager, making it a decided success from the start. While conducting a general farm, the specialty of the Meadowbrook Company is pure milk. The stables are models of perfection and the greatest care is taken with every detail of the business. The cows are carefully brushed and sprayed to keep the flies off before milking, and each milk-man puts on a white suit before going to work. The milk is strained through sterilized cotton into tanks and either separated for cream or put into sterilized bottles and at once cooled in ice tanks. The more modern appliances for handling milk and cream can be seen in the milk house and everything from the milking stool to the bottle is washed and sterilized each day. All milk and cream leave the dairy in the company's bottles, and the bottles are sealed with caps bearing the trade mark. The herd of cattle is in the pink of condition and very seldom is an animal sick, owing to the admirable conditions under which they are kept. The situation is ideal for a dairy farm, there being plenty of water and shade. The demand for the milk is constantly increasing.

Essex County Republican, June 21, 1907

W. S. [sic] McBean, superintendent of the Meadowbrook Farm Company at Raybrook, died last week Thursday night at 12:30. Mr. McBean, who was thirty-five years of age, was well known both in Saranac Lake and Montreal. He leaves a wife and son.