Addie S. Macomber Wardner, c. 1890
Courtesy of the Adirondack Experience

Mountain View Cemetery Born: January 1, 1851

Died: June 1, 1907

Married: James M. Wardner

Children: Lulu Prellwitz ToofCharles H. Wardner, James Wardner

Plattsburgh Sentinel, August 1, 1879:

Mrs. Wardner, whom many will remember as Miss Addie S. Macomber, of Clintonville, daughter of Albert Macomber, is the taxidermist of this region. Sportsmen from all directions come here to have animals and birds staffed which they would like to preserve as souvenirs of the wilderness. One year she stuffed fourteen deer heads for parties from the cities. Purchases are constantly being made from her own collection of animals and birds, but her display is still very interesting, ornamenting all the sides of one large room, and including a large bear recently killed by Mr. Wardner, a fine lynx, deer heads, fine specimens of sable, mink, loons, owls, and smaller animals and birds. At the time their house was burned several years ago they lost a valuable collection.

Facts and Fallacies, June 6, 1907

Mrs. Addie S. Wardner, mother of Charles Wardner of this place, died, last Saturday after a long illness; the funeral was held Monday afternoon. She was the widow of the late James M. Wardner, at one time proprietor of Rainbow Inn and for a number of years school commissioner of district No. 1, this county.