This metal stamp was apparently used for stamping a brass plaque or plate with the company name. It reads ADIRONDACK BOAT BUILDING CO. SARANAC LAKE. The handle is chisel type about 4 ½” long, the imprint is ¾” by 2”. From the mushrooming and chips on the chisel head as well as damage to the lettering, the stamp was used a great deal. Photo of the stamp courtesy of Mark Collier, Dancing Goat Farm in Vermontville, March 10, 2009. The Adirondack Boat Building Association or Company, was formed by T. Humboltz and W. A. Martin in 1885.

Plattsburgh Sentinel, November 6, 1885 (Thanks to Phil "Bunk" Griffin.)

A new enterprise is organized at Saranac Lake under the name of the Adirondack Boat Building Association, the "Company" representing T. Humboltz"] and W. A. Martin. A building has been erected for the purpose near W. F. Martin's hotel.