Born: ~ 1827/8 in New York the son of Avery Hazard and Margaret A. ?


Married: Elizabeth Bailey b.~1839 in Delaware

Children: Henry Hazard b.~ 1866, Avery Hazard b.~ 1868, Alex Hazard b.~ 1869, George Hazard b.~ 1871, ["Adeline Hazard b.~ 1872, ......Ann b.~1875, Lavina Hazard b.~ 1877, and Mary Hazard b. 1879

Alexander Hazard's name was sometimes spelled Hazzard.

The 1880 U. S. Census has the family of black laborer Alex in St. Armand.

There is a grave for an unidentified Hazzard in Pine Ridge Cemetery.

Taken from an article in the:

Chateaugay Record, March 21, 1930


(By F. L. Turner)

Gerrit Smith's "Negro Colony" was an interesting innovation in trying to find homes for this unfortunate race. Smith brought several families into the town. The deeds were worded something like this: "In consideration of $1.00 and the grantor's desire to have all share in the means of subsistence and happiness which a bountiful God has provided for all." There were at least seven families—Morehouse, Hodge, Smith, Wicks, Hazard, Thomas and Runyon. . . . Hazard lived near Bloomingdale.