Born: ~ 1847

Died: June 1, 1882, 35 yrs, buried in Union Cemetery, Franklin (where it is spelled "Moorehouse")

Married: Charlotte Thomas

Children: Hellen Morehouse born ~ 1866/7, Henry A. Morehouse born ~ 1873/4, and John W. Morehouse born ~ 1876/7

Stephen Warren Morehouse was sometimes called Warren. His Civil War service was in Co. E. 54th Mass. Vol. 1 He was the son [sic: probably the son-in-law] of escaped slave John Thomas of Vermontville.

From "Dreaming of Timbuctoo," an exhibit at the John Brown Farm.

The young sharpshooter Private Warren Morehouse was a son and son-in-law of [Gerrit Smith] grantee-pioneers. To his Company he brought valuable experience as a backwoods pioneer. As a veteran, he became a guide and cook at Paul Smith's celebrated Adirondack rustic inn.

An excerpt from the:

Chateaugay Record, March 21, 1930


(By F. L. Turner)

Gerrit Smith's "Negro Colony" was an interesting innovation in trying to find homes for this unfortunate race. Smith brought several families into the town. The deeds were worded something like this: "In consideration of $1.00 and the grantor's desire to have all share in the means of subsistence and happiness which a bountiful God has provided for all." There were at least seven families—Morehouse, Hodge, Smith, Wicks, Hazard, Thomas and Runyon. . . . Only the Morehouse family stuck it out for many years. They had located down the hill from the hotel just opposite the present home of Charles Stickney. Some years ago, stones and old rose bushes marked the spot, but they have disappeared now. . . . Mrs. Jane Jones many years a resident of Malone, was a daughter of the old Morehouse colonist. When a girl 15 or 16 years old she worked for Paul Smith in his hotel at Loon Lake. Mrs. Jones was a fine woman and had the love and respect of everyone who knew her! She worked for many prominent families in Malone though she maintained her own home. She was an ardent and devoted Episcopalian and at her death it was found that out of her meager savings she had left $500 to the church.


2012-05-05 15:30:31   I am Elizabeth Ann Marie Morehouse gr,gr,gr,grand daugther of Stepen W.Morehouse. I live in Baltimore,where John H.Thomas left. Love finding about my family. —

2012-05-07 10:25:56   Hello, Mrs. Morehouse, I'm glad you made this post! I have a good deal of information about the Morehouse family I would be eager to share with you. He was the son-in-law of John Thomas — his mother was Thomas's daughter, Charlotte Ann, and his father was Stephen Morehouse. Email me at [email protected] and we can fill each other in. Look forward to connecting. All best, Amy Godine



1. May 28th, 1864, Private Stephen W. Morehouse of Malone N.Y. has been enlisted into Company E, 54th Regiment Mass