The main buildings of the camp are connected by a covered walk way.Detail of a 1912 map of Upper Saranac Lake, courtesy of Natalie LeducLocation:  Northwest shore of Upper Saranac Lake

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Year built: c. 1904

Camp Iroquois

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, July 30, 1922

James R. Sheffield, president of the Union League Club of New York, and Mrs. Sheffield, who recently arrived at their Camp Iroquois with their son, Frederick Sheffield, are entertaining Mrs. A. R Boyd and Miss Boyd of Manhattan.

William E. Ring was employed as a guide at Camp Iroquois from about 1905 to his death in 1925.  John J. McKillip worked as a guide at the camp.

Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post, August 20, 1942

Saboteurs Trial Judge At Adirondack Camp

Major General Frank R. McCoy, president of the military trial panel which recently tried and sentenced eight Nazi saboteurs who were landed on the Atlantic coast by a German submarine less than two months ago, is the guest of Mrs. James Rockwell Sheffield of New York at the latter's Camp Iroquois on the Upper Saranac Lake at Saranac Inn. He is accompanied by Mrs. McCoy.

Opening of the famous trial was featured by refusal of General McCoy to give information concerning it to Elmer Davis, director of the Office of War Information, the latter’s appeal to President Roosevelt and a compromise under which General McCoy finally issued statements concerning progress of the trial which have been declared masterpieces of brevity. He and Mrs. McCoy expect to pass some time as guests of Mrs. Sheffield, who is the widow of the former United States Ambassador to Mexico.