Louis and Florence Lowenstein Marshall. Courtesy of David Marshall Billikopf James and Ruth Marshall. Courtesy of David Marshall Billikopf

Born: c. 1873

Died: May 27, 1916

Married: Louis Marshall

Children: James Marshall, Ruth Marshall, Bob Marshall, George Marshall

Florence Lowenstein Marshall was the daughter of Sophia Mendelson Lowenstein (1847-1884) of New York and Benedict Lowenstein (1831-1879), a wealthy Bavarian immigrant. She was educated at The Normal College (now Hunter College) in New York. Within a few years, Louis and Florence Marshall had four children. They lived comfortably in a three-story brownstone house at Number 47 East 72nd Street in Manhattan, a block and half from Central Park; the US Census of 1900 indicates that four servants resided with the Marshalls at this address. The children attended the Ethical Culture School across Central Park from their home. Cyrus Adler relates that "...everything centered around the up-bringing of these children."


2013-04-18 20:42:00   I am one of the great grandchildren of Abraham Lowenstein, brother of Benedict Lowenstein —