Married: Peter Summerer


Lucille Guggenheim Summerer was a sister of Edmond Guggenheim and an owner of a camp on Lower Saranac Lake.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 9, 1952

Camp Fire Loss Blamed on Lack Of Portable Pump

The lack of proper equipment greatly hampered firemen in their efforts to extinguish a fire at the Lower Saranac Lake camp of Mrs. Peter Summerer yesterday.

"We believe we could have saved the building", Chief Carl Smith said, "if we had had a portable pump to pump water from the lake."

"It is not up to the village taxpayers to supply this equipment", he said, "as we are not obligated to go to fires outside the village. It is our hope that the town of North Elba and Harrietstown will get together and buy a portable pump for the village fire department.

"This may serve as a warning to other campers," Chief Smith continued. "Unless we are within 20 feet of our source of water, we cannot offer any fire protection." Nineteen volunteers were summoned to the summer camp of Mrs. Peter Summerer shortly after 9'o'clock yesterday morning, when fire broke out in the large frame building housing employes and a three-stall garage.


Unable to drive the truck to or near the lake shore to make use of the stationary pumping apparatus, firemen lacked a sufficient supply of water to fight the blaze.

An improvised dam made of storm doors found in the woodshed was used in a small brook nearby but the flow of water was insufficient to feed the pumper of the truck.

What water was available was used to check the heat from the burning building which might have endangered the larger main building. Another hose line from the truck was kept in readiness for its protection.

Chief Smith said it was fortunate the wind was from the west, or the main building and large woodshed might have been lost. Burning embers were carried by the breeze into nearby woods even to the Saranac-Tupper Lake road some distance away.


Howard Ellithorpe, ranger from the Conservation Department at Saranac Inn, and other firemen used Indian pumps to check the hot sparks and burning embers that had fallen into dry leaves of the wooded area.

Mr. Buehler, caretaker, who discovered the blaze, said the six rooms of the employees' quarters were completely furnished and had recently been redecorated. He added he lost about $200 in tools in the fire. There were no cars in the garage.

It is believed that the fire was started from a short circuit near the heating system.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, August 17, 1965

$25,000 Gift Made to SL Hospital

A former resident of Saranac Lake who hasn't lived here for 10 years boosted the general hospital building fund by a substantial amount yesterday.

Mrs. Peter Summerer, the former Miss Lucille Guggenheim, has made a gift of $25,000, the fund campaign office announced. Mrs. Summerer is the sister of Edmond A. Guggenheim, honorary chairman of the fund drive, and she formerly owned a residence on Lower Saranac Lake.

Campaign officials felt it significant that Mrs. Summerer should continue her interest in the community and make an unsolicited gift. The contribution arrived at the campaign office with only a modest request to apply the check to the building fund.

Mrs. Summer's gift leaves about $675,000 still to be raised.

Officials hoped this latest contribution would be accepted as a "challenge" to local residents who still have not pledged.

Major memorials still to be sponsored are three operating rooms and the x-ray department.

Word is expected shortly on bids already received for construction of the building. It is still expected that ground will be broken in September.