River Street School Address: Brandy Brook Avenue

Old Address: 138 River Street

Other names: River Street Hall

Year built: 1910


The River Street School was one of two identical Saranac Lake elementary school buildings built in 1910, used through 1967. Principals included Edna M. Cook and Mrs. Albert Pozzi. In both schools, grades one through three were on the first floor, and grades four through six on the second. In the 1960s, the River Street School handled third and fourth grades, while first and second graders attended the Broadway School; both schools had half-day kindergarten sessions. The long, low building behind the River Street School was the Fresh Air School, for children at risk of tuberculosis.

After the new high school was built in 1969, the River Street School, renamed River Street Hall, was given to then new North Country Community College. While the Broadway School was torn down, the River Street School still stands, somewhat changed, and houses the offices of the Wildlife Conservation Society and some other uses.

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2013-07-04 00:16:30   I attended this school in 59-60, and lived in the River Street area until 1962. All grades were in attendance at River Street school. —