Malone Evening Telegram March 31, 1917Lake Placid News, July 21, 1916Ruser and Muller was incorporated in 1910 as a general contracting business, but later became involved in automobile sales and service and electrical contracting, located at 18 Broadway.  They had branches in Saranac Lake, Malone, Tupper Lake and Plattsburgh.  The directors were Joseph H. S. Muller, Louis H. Ruser, Harry R. Ruser of Saranac Lake.  The firm did work for Tupper Lake's Litchfield Castle, Malone's Flanagan Hotel, and Lake Kushaqua's Stony Wold Sanitorium.

Adirondack Record, July 1, 1910
Ruser and Muller Incorporated, of Saranac Lake has been incorporated by the secretary of state with a capital of $5,000 to do general contracting business. The directors are Joseph H. S. Muller, Louis H. Ruser, Harry R. Ruser of Saranac Lake.

Adirondack News, August 14, 1915


P. N. Burnap to having his house wired for electric lights the work being done, by Ruser & Muller, of Malone.

Malone Farmer, October 15, 1919

1916 Paige, in Horseless Age (Wikipedia)Ruser & Muller, who have automobile establishments at Malone, Saranac Lake and Plattsburgh, took first premium on its motor car exhibit at the recent Plattsburgh fair, where a fine display of Paige cars was shown.