The Saranac Lake Bobsled Club

Members included Tuffield A. Latour, Charles Keough, Donald V. Dupree, William F. Dupree, Paul Dupree, Chuck Pandolph, James Lamy.

Lake Placid News, March 8, 1940


Enthusiasm for bob sledding by Saranac Lake men and women has resulted in the formation of a Saranac Lake Bob Sled club, an auxiliary of the Saranac Lake Sports association. A. S. Shortt, former president of the Saranac Lake Sports association, was named president:

The victories of Tuffy Latour and Paul Duprey, together with the showings made by other Saranac Lake residents, has sent interest in sledding to a peak. Not since the days of Hank Homburger and his Saranac Lake Red Devils have Saranac Lake sportsmen played such an important part in the doings at Mt. Van Hoevenberg. Latour and Duprey won the junior and senior AAU championship, the junior Adirondack open championship and they won the Lowell Thomas races on Feb. 21.

In addition to the showing, made by Latour and Duprey numerous Saranac Lake residents have won drivers’ licenses this season. Tuffield Latour, James Bickford and Joseph Ryan were named to the club's by-laws committee.


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