Born: c. 1802, probably in New Hampshire

Died: December 29, 1871, buried in Redford Cemetery

Married: Phebe A, Bradford (1824 - 1902) in 1845

Children: Elsie and Jane?

The now almost-extinct settlement of Goldsmith in Franklin County, NY, is named for Thomas Goldsmith.

Frederick J. Seaver, Historical Sketches of Franklin County, Albany, NY: J. B. Lyon Co., 1918

Probably next in importance to the Franklin Falls operations were those of Thomas Goldsmith, who acquired over fourteen thousand acres from Gerrit Smith for $20,891, and who had mills at the Flood Dam (a mile above Thatcherville), at Goldsmith's, at Alder Brook, and also at a number of points in Clinton county, just over the Franklin line. He was forced to an assignment in 1846, but continued to run his mills for the assignee for a number of years afterward. In 1856 his lands, then comprising 13,890 acres, were sold by the assignee to Daniel Robinson and John A. Griswold of Troy, who twenty-odd years later disposed of them to Patrick Hanlon and Bowen & Signor. The mill at Goldsmith's did only custom work during the period of the Robinson-Griswold ownership, and was run by Amos Lamson, James Davis and others. H. L. Wait built a steam mill at this place eight or ten years ago, and operated it until his death in the early part of 1915 hauling his product to the railroad at Loon Lake with a traction engine. The Wait mill still stands, but is idle.


Source: Waldo Tomosky, "Goldsmith Through the Years," Franklin Historical Review, Vol. 51, 2016.