Plattsburgh press-Republican, December 31, 1952Born: November 7, 1920

Died: December 5, 1971

Married: Marion Cummings (divorced?), Shirley Gjersvik

Children: Joseph Gjersvik, Ingrid Gjersvik

Torleif Gjersvik was a Norwegian seaman, who came to Saranac Lake in November, 1946, having been diagnosed with tuberculosis in New York City in April 1942.  He cured at 29 Church Street in Saranac Lake, and at Stony Wold Sanatorium on Lake Kushaqua.  

In 1965 he was certified as a Biological Photographer by the Biological Photography Association.

When he died, age 51, he was living in Tennessee, working as a supervisor in the audiovisual department at the Child Development Center of the University of Tennessee.  

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Plattsburgh Press-Republican., May 10, 1952

Essex County Republican, January 18, 1946

Mr. and Mrs. Torieif Gjersvik of Buffalo arrived in Keeseville Sunday and will make their home with Mrs. Gjersvik's brother and sister, Louis and Rose Cummings temporarily.

Plattsburgh Press-Republican, May 1, 1947

Mr. and Mrs. Torleif Gjersvik sailed Saturday, April 23, on the Stavanerfjord from New York tor Calo, Norway, where they will make their future home. Mrs. Gjersvik was formerly Miss Marion Cummings.

Essex County Republican, July 22, 1949

Plattsburgh Press-Republican, February 5, 1953 Mr. and Mrs. Torleif Gjersvik, who have lived the past two years at Bergen, Norway, are guests of Mrs. Gjersvik's sister, Miss Rose Cummings. Miss Paula Cummings of Baldwin, L. I., has arrived to spend the summer with her sister, Miss Rose Cummings.

Plattsburgh Press-Republican, September 29, 1950

Outstanding Photographs Of Hotel AuSable Chasm Fire On Display Turner's

A half dozen fine photographs of the Hotel Au Sable Chasm as it was being destroyed by fire Sunday morning are displayed in the window of Turner's Drug Store.  

They were taken by Torleif Gjersvik of Keeseville who has done outstanding work in photography for some time. A native of Sweden, Mr. Gjersvik, who is dock master for the Lake Champlain Transportation Company at Port Kent, had gained recognition in his native land by his understanding use of the camera. The picture on the front page of this issue of THE ESSEX COUNTY REPUBLICAN was done by him and other pictures on display at Turner's show different stages of the first two hours of the fire. Orders for prints may be left at Turner's Drug Store.

Plattsburgh Press-Republican, May 10, 1952


Mrs. Lisle Denicore, Welcome Wagon hostess for newcomers, announces the addition of several new sponsors of this friendly service. Among them is Torleif Gjersvik, 52 Cornelia Street, whom Mrs. Denicore welcomed recently as a newcomer.

The hospitable gesture of friendliness on the part of many civic-minded sponsors upon his arrival in the city prompted Mr. Gjersvik to join with Mrs. Denicore in greeting other strangers.

Mr. Gjersvik, pronounced Yersvik, expressed his pleasure in having his name pronounced correctly by the people with whom Welcome Wagon made him acquainted and aided in helping him feel at home within a short length of time.

Mr. Gjersvik, who was a photographer in his native Norway, has opened a studio at 52 Cornelia Street and he will have some of his work shown at the photographic exhibit to be held at Champlain College today and Sunday…

Plattsburgh Press-Republican, August 12, 1952


The Adirondack Section of the New York State Photographers Association met Sunday at the Plattsburgh Studio of Photography. A business session was held at eleven A. M„ followed by luncheon at the Plattsburgh Elks Club.

In the afternoon session, John Millard of Watertown, gave a demonstration of bridal photography.

Twenty-seven photographers attended including Harold Blair and Larry Webber of Blair and Webber, Harold Hart and William Tumbridge of the Plattsburgh Studio, TorleifGjersvik, Howard Crowder of Larkin's Camera Shop and Mrs. Crowder..

Plattsburgh Press-Republican, October 7, 1952

Torleif Gjersvik of 52 Cornelia Street, is spending a few days in Buffalo to purchase new equipment for his photography studio.