Ithaca is a town full of breath taking nature, college students, hippies, artists, entrepreneurs, and many other creative individuals. This means that the town has gained quite a reputation for its unique art, architecture, businesses, natural formations, etc. This page is dedicated to documenting these Ithaca gems.

Art Related Oddities

  • Sitting in front of a house on Dryden road, a block past Hai Hong Restaurant in upper Collegetown, this purple piano is one of the more unusual instillation art pieces spread throughout the city.
  • On 308 E. Marshall, located in Fall Creek, there is an oversized tree stump that you can stand inside of and often contains various trinkets. The tree itself is an over one hundred year old Silver Maple. Inside the tree, a sign actually says “Take a treasure, leave a treasure,” and there is plenty of "treasures" probably left by little children. They include things like beads, kids’ drawings, pine cones, tiny toys, and some ballpoint pens that often mysteriously disappear right before the beginning of the school year.

Business Related Oddities

  • Located in lower Collegetown on eddy street, City Style Salon‎/Sake Bar is a night club, sake bar, and hair salon. During the day, they even serve a full drink menu to their salon clientele, and during the night the place becomes a bar/nightclub.