Evergreen Cemetery is the largest and one of the most historic cemeteries in Dunn County. The cemetery contains graves of many key figures from Menomonie's history including civil war heroes. It was founded as a private cemetery by Knapp Stout & Co in 1874. The cemetery was designed by the famous Cleveland and French landscape architecture firm in the English Romantic style. This style enhances the natural beauty of the island making the graveyard a lovely place to go for a walk. There are also many interesting gravestones to read, for example one lists cause of death as "shot by Mormans." 

The island is also a good place to go fishing or birding. If you do visit to enjoy the beauty and history of the spaceplease respect that the cemetery as an active and sacred memorial grounds.  When there are services being held,  please refrain from entering the grounds. If you do visit, please park outside the cemetery and walk in.  

The cemetery is closed between 10pm and 7am.

Evergreen is a private cemetery, owned by the lot owners and governed by the Evergreen Cemetery Board of Directors. 

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