This Neighbourhood is bordered by Burnhamthorpe Road East, Tomken RoadDixie Road and Bloor Street.

Stone "Applewood Hills"  monuments (as pictured above) are located at the following entrances:
Burnhamthorpe and Golden Orchard
Burnhamthorpe and Autumn Harvest
Burnhamthorpe and Flamewood
Bloor and Tomken - NE Corner
Bloor and Tomken - SE Corner
Dixie and Winding Trail - West side
Dixie and Bloor - SW corner only (by Petro Canada)
Dixie and Golden Orchard (South of Bloor so the monuments should say "Applewood Heights". There are stone "Applewood Heights" monuments on the NW and NE corners of Dundas Street and Queen Frederica)




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