Welcome to WikiSauga! Your People's Guide To Mississuaga!

The city wiki for Mississauga, Ontario Canada.

A city wiki that anyone can edit. Anyone can contribute, change, and add to. Most websites you go to are static — you only read them. Wikisauga is a very different place.

What we are aiming for is a place to record Mississauga culture, places, spots — everything! This is an experiment in community and a project that can be fruitful for years to come to both old and new in Mississauga.

Everyone these days has their own personal blog. They write down everyday activities, things they do, places they go. But how about the city itself? Imagine this as sort of a "blog" for Mississauga itself. A place for sharing, listening, learning, growing and exploring.

So, go grab your camera and find something! Write a review of your favourite place. Tell us about a nice thing to do on Wednesdays. Give us a picture of your street. The topics and room for exploration is endless, and we will hopefully record a little bit of what Mississauga means for us, here.

What this wiki contains and means is up to you. As a general rule you should contribute content you think will be helpful or insightful to others, but even this rule can be broken at times. Interesting things will stay, and bad contributions will pass with time. Never be afraid to try something new, to edit something, to make your voice heard.

This is our place, our resource, our voice.

If you're ready to get started, check out the Wiki Guide.

Live in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding area? You might like to visit and participate in the Torontopedia, Peterborough Wiki, OttawaWiki, or one of the other Nearby Wikis.

P.S.: please don't simply cut and paste from other websites. Many other websites have images, pictures, and text which is copyrighted. You can start or edit a page in your own words here on Wikisauga, or add photos that you took instead of using other people's work without permission. Thanks!

See Wiki Guide for more guidelines and info about the Wiki