CC SA-BY Our OaklandThere used to be small cast iron United States Postal Service mailboxes around town. Not the big ones, but small ones attached to telephone poles and small concrete posts. The mailboxes are gone, but some of these four-foot tall, pebbled concrete obelisks remain standing.

If you know of any of these, post their locations here and on the map.  Photos would be nice, too.

A letter carrier is shown collecting mail from a sidewalk mail collection box. His mail truck is parked at the curb. Source: Smithsonian Institution Circa 1915The mailboxes were likely similar to that shown in this picture from the Smithsonian.


  1. Webster at 38th Street.  Northwest corner.  Still has some metal mounting hardware attached.
  2. Shafter at Hudson.  Southwest corner.
  3. Spruce and McKinley. Southeast corner.
  4. Piedmont and W. MacArthur.  Right in front of Egbert Souse's.