Fruitvale School, Oakland, California (greenkozi)


In the 1910 Husted's Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley Directory, Fruitvale was listed as three separate "suburban" schools:  Fruitvale School No. 1 was located on upper Boston Avenue, corner of School Street, with Alice J. Swasey at principal; Fruitvale School No. 2 was located on Tallant [Street/Avenue??] and Fruitvale Avenue, with Paul Martin as principal; and Fruitvale School No. 3 was located on Penniman Avenue near Short [Street/Avenue??] with Alice V. Baxley as principal.

The Woodward and Taggart map of Oakland from 1877 shows a "school house" at the Boston Avenue location, suggesting that a school has been situated at that site for many, many years.  Sometimes those old maps are based more on real estate developers' pipe dreams, however, so it would be good to confirm this from another source.

Question: So the current Fruitvale School is standing on the site of which previous school, and what happened to the other two?

The current Fruitvale Elementary is around 3200 Boston in the School neighborhood, across from Curt Flood Field and around the corner from my old house. -gk

Fruitvale School No. 3 became Allendale School in 1913. (src)

There was a Tallant Tract where the west side of East 18th is at Fruitvale. So I'm guessing #2 is where the Urban Promise Academy is, 3031 East 18th Street.

mural in the playground. photo by greenkozi