There are some really neat mapping projects on Oakland Wiki - big collections of lots of other things mapped out across Oakland. The wiki is more or less one big mapping project, so the purpose of this entry is to highlight some of the really cool collections.

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It's very easy to start a new one. If you wanted to map all the youth centers (for example), what you would do is first start out creating entries for as many youth centers as you can find, making sure to add a map for each one showing its location. Also, you'll need to tag each entry "youth center" (you can add tags on the bottom of any entry). Then you'd create an entry called "youth centers." When you're editing that entry use the green puzzle piece icon in the editing bar to create a "list of tagged pages." It'll ask you what tag you want to list, so for the youth center project you'd enter "youth center." It will then list all of them and combine all the map points from the entries into one map. Then, whenever you find a new youth center and create an entry for it, when you add the tag "youth center" the list will automatically get updated. Hooray!