It is unacceptable that OaklandWiki has made it almost a year without a page about taquerias. Sure, we have a Taco Truck page (which also needs mega work), but come on, people?! Don't you eat out? Because eating out in Oakland means eating at taquerias. Let's get on this.

Okay, here goes ... I like Los Cantaros Restaurant and Taqueria at 336 Grand Avenue, even if its Yelp reviews are only 3-1/2 stars, I would give it 4 stars.  The Cheese Enchiladas are delicious and they serve Vegetarian Beans, a major plus, along with all the fresh lemon/lime water you can drink.  The staff is always friendly and was told the restaurant is independently owned.  We also usually get the Carnitas Burrito, which was big and tasty, except the last time there was the slight flavor of oranges as though someone in the kitchen hurriedly reused a knife or cutting board.  Also got the Chicken & Prawns Fajita (quite yummy), which although was not on the menu, they were more than happy to make for us.  Good selection of beers, and the chips and salsa are fresh.  - JL

It appears I rarely go to tacquerias. Does Xolo count? Does Tamarindo Antojeria or Restaurante Doña Tomás? I think all it means is that I only go to fancy mexican places and taco trucks. - mk30