The de Fremery Wharf and Land Company owned 24 acres of land in the Clinton Basin of East Oakland as of September 8, 1914.  The company had applied to the Railroad Commission of the State of California for permission to execute a note in the amount of $110,000, with 3% of the proceeds to be used to improve its wharf properties.  This application was granted by the commission.

Part of the company holdings was a public wharf, operated for the convenience of its tenants as well as the public.  The company was "engaged in the business of improving and leasing this property chiefly for industrial purposes." 1

At the time of the application, the de Fremery Wharf and Land Company had issued 9,000 shares of stock valued at $100 per share; 7,000 shares were owned by the de Fermery estate, 75 shares by James de Fremery, Jr. and 25 shares by Charles N. Cadman.

The value of the company property was $1,030,926.26, with wharf improvements of an additional $35,000.

In 1910 the 'De Fremery Wharf' was listed as located at the foot of 7th Avenue; in 1916 the de Fremery Wharf and Land Company was located "sec ft [at the foot?] 7th av" with the de Fremery Wharf "ft 8th av."

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