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Neighborhood Character

  • Home Types:  Single family homes, condos, four and five story apartment complexes under construction
  • The neighborhood has a diverse socio-economic and age population
  • Recently, the neighborhood has seen a renaissance of younger families with children
  • The majority of homes are ranch style measuring about 16 sq ft.   Many have been renovated and expanded, including a number of contemporary two story homes.
  •  Most of the homes were built in the early to mid 1950s


Many books have been written about Cameron Village since the retail section was the first shopping center built east of the Mississisppi River. In its time it was very controversial.


Wiley Elementary, Daniels Middle School, Broughton High School 

You can look up schools here. They may change each year.

Online Community


Local Government

  • City Council District D
  • Hillsborough Citizens Advisory Council
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  • State Government:


  • No sidewalks near the single family homes.  Sidewalks do exist near the condos/town homes and in the retail shopping area.
  • Walk to Cameron Village retail shops - everything from grocery store to restaurants to clothes, antiques, tea, and gifts.
  • Fletcher Park is nearby with a play area, tennis courts, and baseball field.


  • What are the weaknesses of the neighborhood?
  • Certain roads are busier than others due to the proximity to the popular shopping area. With retail comes traffic.