Unlike most trails in William B. Umstead State Park, Loblolly follows an out and back course   The trail head is located in the north east corner of the parking lot at the Reedy Creek entrance.  The Loblolly trail is marked by blue squares nailed to the trees along the path.  As you leave the parking lot the trail is relatively flat and passes by the Young Family Cemetery.

Young Family Cemetery

As the trail progresses toward Reedy Creek the gentle steady decline becomes a short downhill scramble as you approach the creek.  The trail follows along the creek and there is a bridge to cross Reedy Creek.

Bridge over Reedy Creek

After crossing Reedy Creek the trail turns and starts up a short ridge, cresting the hill the trail decsends toward another bridge. The trail starts to climb at this point and there are several switch backs as you climb and descend into another creek valley.  There is not a bridge for this third creek crossing.  At this point the trail begins to climb toward the Reedy Creek Trail.

Second bridge on Loblolly