23rd Street is a major north-south trunk street in Richmond and San Pablo flanked by many Latino-oriented businesses. 23rd st passes through the North & East Neighborhood also Belding Woods and South Side Richmond.

The street runs between San Pablo Avenue in the north and Interstate 580 in the south after which it becomes Marina Bay Parkway. It later meets up with 22nd Street at Grant Avenue. It is currently served by the AC Transit bus line 74 along its entirety and on portions by route 70, 76, 376, and 71 in addition to numerous 600 series school routes.

The street is a major commercial sector for the city of Richmond and has mostly Latino themed and focused stores, particularly restaurants It hosts a  Cinco de Mayo Festival every year, having a parade at Nevin Avenue in Richmond all the way into San Pablo. It has hosted the immigration protest.

The city of Richmond has many improvements planned after consulting with the community including adding Sharrows for cyclists, wider sidewalks for pedestrians, Parallel Parking, and wider left turn lanes for vehicles There are also planned additions of street furniture, pedestrian lighting, trees and landscaping, decorative sidewalks and art, and wayfinding signage.

Since 2006 the 23rd Street Merchants Association has sponsored a Cinco de Mayo festival along the street that now attracts thousands of patrons The event bans alcohol and is geared toward young people.

Richmond High school is located along this street.

23rd Street was once a popular street for Lowrider Cruisers. Lowriders from Richmond and all over the East bay would converge on 23rd st. from the 1970's until the 1980's this was a popular cruising st. there was a resurgence in the 1990's and early 2000's but confrontations with police especially on some Cinco de Mayo events ended the Cruising on 23rd st. Today some Car clubs like Raza Unida do Cruises on 23rd st.


Restaurants & Food

  • Portumex
  • Pepitos
  • Taqueria la Estrella

  • Plaza Mexico

  • El Tapatio

  • La Selva