547 L Street
located on K Street between 4th and 7th Streets
Hours vary for Macy's and restaurants
Management: (916) 442-4000
Concierge Center: (916) 447-4636
Security: (916) 442-3476
JMA Ventures

Sacramento Downtown Plaza, formerly known as Westfield Downtown Plaza, is operated by JMA Ventures, JMA Ventures is a full service real estate investment firm, serving as managing partner of over $500 Million in existing projects spanning hospitality, leisure, residential developments, retail, office and industrial/telecom. Downtown Plaza is part of the "K Street Mall," as its central walkway physically occupies several blocks of K Street. From 1969 to 2011, K Street Mall was only accessible by pedestrians, bicyclists and light-rail. Downtown Sacramento Partnership lobbied to allow traffic on the former pedestrian mall, and in November, 2011, the change was implemented. Taxicabs now routinely block the light rail train tracks while trolling for drunken fares outside the bars on K Street east of 10th.

The plaza is laid out like a traditional mall, however, the central corridor is largely open-air, instead of completely enclosed like Arden Fair Mall. Downtown Plaza is anchored by two Macy's stores. The plaza has many common tenants duplicated in other area malls. Downtown Plaza boasts entertainment, including Century Theatres Downtown Plaza 7, and various restaurants, such as River City Brewing Company. A tunnel under Interstate 5 connects Downtown Plaza to Old Sacramento.

Due to its close proximity to tourist-trodden Old Sacramento, parking can be a problem at Downtown Plaza. There are three publicly owned parking garages under and next to Downtown Plaza charging rates of $1.25 per half hour for the first 2 hours and $1.50 each additional half hour to a daily maximum of $15. Vertical clearance for the West Garage is 6'9", for the Central Garage is 8'2", and for the East Garage is 6'4". The nearby Old Sacramento Garage has a clearance of 6'10" and charges a slightly lower rate of $1.25 per half hour for the first 2 hours and $1.00 for each additional half hour to a daily maximum of $13. Many businesses in Downtown Plaza will validate 3 or 4 hours of parking in the East, Central, or West Downtown Plaza garages. See the City of Sacramento downtown parking map for locations of garages. Public transportation is encouraged, with the area being served by several Yolobus and Sacramento Regional Transit routes.

In 2015, demolition began on the mall, so that the new arena for the Sacramento Kings could be built. The Macy's property was taken by way of eminent domain.