Neighborhood Service Department Area
Neighborhood Service Department Area 1
Neighborhood Association Group
Marshall School Neighborhood Association
Council District
City Council District 3
Neighborhood Boundaries
Marshall School is bound by D Street to the North, J Street to the South, Capital City Freeway to the East and 25th Street to the West

Historical Landmarks

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Marshall School gets its name from the original K-12 School of the same name. The school which started as a wooden school house in 1882, in 1903 it was replaced by the current structure designed by Rudolph Harold (a locally prominent architect who designed City Hall) at a cost of $80,485. The school has since been renamed Old Marshall School and served an an adult school until August of 2009. The school now serves as the Capitol Campus of the California Montessori Project, a Charter School overseen by the Sacramento Unified School District.

Parks and Open Spaces

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Restaraunts, Bars, and Retail Etc...

Like Boulevard Park to the West, Marshall School is an almost exclusively residential neighborhood. The few commercial services that are found in the neighborhood are concentrated along 29th Street near the Capital City Freeway.


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