Where 7th Avenue ends at Soquel Avenue. 7th Avenue starts where Alpine Street (going east/west) meets East Cliff Drive at Twin Lakes State Beach.  7th Avenue goes north for just under 2 miles, ending at the 2700 block of Soquel Avenue. There is a slight incline near the beach but is otherwise level.  You could walk it in about 40 minutes. (It has several stop signs and three lights.)


Bike lanes along the entire length of 7th Avenue.

Public Transportation

Santa Cruz Metro route 66 covers most of 7th Avenue. routes 68, 69 and 69W cover parts of 7th Avenue. Soquel Avenue has several routes where it meets 7th Avenue.


7th Avenue is mostly remembered as the way to get to the Yacht Harbor and Twin Lakes State Beach. It is mostly residential with some businesses.

Major Intersections

Three intersections of 7th Avenue have stop lights.  The busiest is where 7th Avenue meets Soquel Avenue.

Restaurants and Shopping


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